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7 Effective PPC Strategies for Your Fencing Company

7 Effective PPC strategies

Is your fencing company struggling to stand out in the crowd? This shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider how many of these companies there are out there.

At the moment, more than 300,000 fencing companies exist within the U.S. It can make it challenging for your fencing company to separate itself from the pack.

Coming up with a great digital marketing plan can work wonders for it. More specifically, you should aim to use pay-per-click, or PPC, to your advantage.

The right PPC strategies can elevate your fencing company to the next level. They can also make your marketing efforts as a whole so much more effective.

Here are seven foolproof PPC strategies that can help your fencing company in a big way.

1. Use Multiple Platforms

More often than not, businesses will launch PPC campaigns through Google Ads. It makes sense to do this when you consider the reach that Google Ads has.

But why stop there? To make the most of your PPC options, it’d also be worth launching PPC campaigns on other platforms as well.

For example, Facebook can work great for fencing companies that are looking to launch successful PPC campaigns. There are always people looking for these companies on the social media site, so it’d make perfect sense for your fencing company to use it.

You’ll be able to build up more awareness surrounding your brand and improve your sales by branching out to other platforms when utilizing PPC.

2. Give Remarketing a Try

Of all the PPC strategies on this list, remarketing might be the best PPC option of the bunch. It’s an incredibly effective tool for those putting PPC campaigns into place.

So, how does remarketing work? Essentially, you’ll look to target those people who visit your fencing company’s website to learn more about the services you offer.

These people are already going to be at least vaguely familiar with what your fencing company can provide. When PPC ads are targeted at them, they will, therefore, be more likely to click on them to head back to your site.

3. Utilize Extensions

The purpose of a PPC campaign is obviously going to be to generate as many leads for your fencing company as you can. What better way to do that than to use extensions as part of your next PPC campaign that’ll encourage people to touch base with your business?

There are lots of different extensions you can weave seamlessly into PPC campaigns. Some of the most popular extensions are:

  • Message extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Price extensions

These extensions are going to make it very easy for people to contact your fencing company. They’ll also provide your fencing company with valuable information that could really come in handy.

4. Improve Landing Pages

Some companies will spend so much time focusing on PPC campaigns that they’ll neglect to spend any time honed in on improving their websites. You should try your hardest not to make this mistake.

When people click on your PPC ads, they’re going to be led to either your fencing company’s homepage or a landing page on your site. Either way, you’ll want to make a strong first impression on them and keep them clicking around on your site.

To do this, you’ll need to make improvements to your landing pages and your site as a whole. It’ll give you a better chance of catching the eye of potential customers and motivating them to reach out to your fencing company.

5. Target Similar and Lookalike Audiences

Once you’ve used digital marketing to establish an audience for your fencing company, you’ll want to go above and beyond to target an even larger group of people. At the same time, you’ll want to try to make sure this group consists of people who will have a lot in common with your existing audience.

Google Ads and Facebook will allow you to do this by targeting similar and lookalike audiences respectively. By using data from previous digital marketing campaigns, you can target these audiences and get your fencing company’s PPC ads in front of more people who may possibly be interested in your products and services.

6. Write Compelling Copy

The copy you choose to run along with PPC ads will play a crucial role in their success. If your copy isn’t compelling enough, your PPC strategies will suffer.

You’ll need to work on fine-tuning all the copy that runs with your PPC ads. You might even want to go as far as to hire professional copywriters who can come up with the most effective copy for your PPC campaigns.

7. Rely On Experts for Help

Professional copywriters might not be the only experts you’ll want to hire to help you with PPC campaigns. One of the best PPC strategies overall will be enlisting the services of a digital marketing company that can assist you in drumming up more attention online.

In a perfect world, the company you hire should specialize in working exclusively with fencing companies. You’ll be so impressed with what a company like Fence Marketing Pros can bring to the table for your business.

Let Us Help You Create Winning PPC Strategies

Businesses both inside and outside of the fencing industry have been using PPC strategies for years now. But they continue to do it because of how effective these strategies can be.

Your fencing company should get in on the action by putting some or even all of the PPC strategies listed here to good use. They should make marketing your business easier and begin bringing more traffic to your website. They should also have your phone ringing off the hook in no time at all.

Contact Fence Marketing Pros now for more information on using PPC to your benefit.

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