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A Guide to Conversion Tracking for Your Fencing Company

A Guide to Conversion Tracking

Data shows that 70% of consumers say the website load time affects their purchasing decision. But not only the loading speed can influence business growth; website layout and poor-quality images will also prevent people from staying on your page.

Conversion tracking is a great tool for companies looking to monitor their user interaction. Plus, it allows you to find strategies for growing your business. When you work with the right company, it’s easy to begin tracking conversions if you implement professional software.

Your fencing company needs to start looking at conversion tracking options if you want to increase outreach and keep making new sales.

How Does Conversion Tracking Work?

There are several conversion tracking strategies that help businesses maintain their customers. But, all conversion tracking uses the same information to gather insights and make changes. The easiest conversion tracking method is to look at website interactions.

As users click on your website, conversion tracking follows their movements, from signing up for newsletters or completing a purchase. This information is helpful when trying to land sales and get more people involved with your brand. So, if you notice that people click exit within two seconds, you need to improve your landing page.

If your company works primarily through apps, conversion tracking can also record user behavior on mobile devices. This software observes the number of times people download the app or contact customer support. As more people prefer using apps for convenience, this is a great way to identify how valuable and practical your app is for your clients.

But it’s also essential that conversion tracking looks for ways to improve the experience during phone calls and local actions. Even though the majority of interactions happen online, it’s still possible to use conversion tracking offline. Hiring a professional team to help you integrate offline tracking if you operate in physical stores is best.

Beginner Tips for Conversion Tracking

When you start working with conversion tracking, it can get confusing trying to understand all the various terms and tools. So, that’s why it’s crucial to break the process into three steps. If you stick to the three steps, you’ll be able to start seeing the benefits of this approach quickly.

Here is how to start with conversion tracking:

  • Create a Goal for Conversion Tracking
  • Upgrade Your Website Marketing
  • Use a Company To Measure Conversions

In the first stage, it’s vital that you set clear goals for your conversion tracking. This gives you the opportunity to adjust and focus on one area of your business. For fencing companies, this could be making more sales or establishing long-term relationships with new customers.

The most common conversion tracking goals are increasing phone calls, adding new users to an email list, or filling out surveys. Depending on your business, it could be more beneficial to start growing your email contacts if you’re a new company trying to build a good reputation.

On the other hand, an existing fencing company that wants to expand should focus on gaining more responses from surveys. These are great resources for getting feedback directly from your clients. This way, you can put energy into upgrading services or offering better value for money.

Upgrade Your Website Marketing

After you’ve determined your conversion tracking goals, it’s time to start upgrading your online marketing. Your website is the first place where people have the opportunity to learn about your services. So, spending time optimizing the content with SEO keywords and high-quality content is good.

Websites need strong keywords if you want to appear in the search engine and stand out from competitors. Another way to encourage users to use your service is to include a strong CTA. This is where you can highlight your most vital selling point or direct readers to the contact page.

If you’re not making the most of a CTA, then you’re going to lose potential sales.

The placement of the CTA is also important to winning over clients and converting them to buyers. That’s why the CTA shouldn’t be hidden at the bottom of a lengthy page of text. It needs to be clearly placed in a spot where it doesn’t clash with an image or blend with the existing colors.

A professional SEO team will give you the right place for the CTA so your business doesn’t miss out on this simple trick when marketing your website.

Use a Company To Measure Conversions

Measuring and tracking conversions is where you need to hire help, as it involves a lot of data and analysis. You’ll save time working with a marketing team specializing in fencing companies, as they know what your clients are looking for and how to give it to them.

As long as you have a clear outline of your conversion goals, your marketing team can begin brainstorming ideas. Then, they can adjust the interface to make it easier for users to find the key information. This can be anything from a service page to a contact number. So, it’s good to make your goals as specific as possible.

The key benefits of conversion tracking are to increase ROI, save money on marketing budgets, and provide a better customer experience. But it also helps improve your visibility online and get the attention of your target audience. All of these marketing elements make a fencing company successful and thrive for years to come.

The Best Marketing for Fencing Companies

Fencing companies can get amazing results through word-of-mouth advertising, but in the modern age, it’s vital that you use all the tools available. That means making conversion tracking a new part of your marketing strategy.

Our team will look over your website and provide a detailed plan for executing SEO changes and using conversion tracking. But you won’t be left out of the process. We collaborate at every stage with our clients, so you can approve or edit ideas we install on your website.

Let’s work together to build a better business.

Contact us to find out about our conversion tracking techniques and how we can transform your business.

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