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what are google ad extensions

What Are Google Ad Extensions for Fence Companies?

What are Google ad extensions? How can these extensions (known as Google Assets) aid businesses like fence companies? Read on for answers and some of the best fence advertising guidance in the industry from Fence Marketing Pros. What Are Google Ad Extensions? Why are fence companies and many others now

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negative reviews

How Fence Companies Should Address Negative Reviews

Even when you work hard to perform top-quality work and give your customers the best possible experience, you always face a chance that an unhappy customer will leave a less-than-glowing review of your fence company. As a business owner, negative reviews, whether they refer to the quality of the workmanship,

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ppc budget

PPC Budget Guide for Fence Contractors

Successful local fence companies use a variety of methods to attract customers and grow their businesses. While word-of-mouth and traditional advertising are important, most home and business owners looking for someone to construct a fence search for help online first. As such, digital marketing is a top priority.  To get

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how to rank higher on google maps

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps for Your Fence Business

As a fence contractor, you want your business to show up first on search engine results pages and Google Maps when people in your service area are seeking the services you provide. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have high enough Google Maps rankings to be noticeable to new audiences and prospective

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what is a good domain rating

What Is a Good Domain Rating for Your Fence Website?

The competition for fence contractors is stiff since consumers throughout the country have lots of options for fence installation, repair, and other related services. One way businesses get ahead of competitors is by having a great ranking on Google search engine results pages. Domain authority plays a major role in

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how to repurpose content

How To Repurpose Content for Your Fence Website

It takes a lot of work to run a fence company, especially when it’s time to create and distribute content on your business website. Website content is important for engaging with existing and prospective customers and drawing attention from new audiences. Still, keeping up with the demand for content creation

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