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Do Meta Descriptions Affect Fence SEO?

Do Meta Descriptions Affect SEO

Are you trying to drive more business to your fencing company? If you’re trying to improve your digital marketing strategies, you’re probably wondering, “Do meta descriptions affect SEO?”

As a trusted expert in SEO for fence companies, Fence Marketing Pros knows all the best strategies to turn potential customers into paying jobs. Keep reading to learn everything you should know about the importance of writing quality meta descriptions.

What Is a Meta Description?

Also known as a meta description tag, this brief summary of the web page appears in search results just under the title of the website. It helps people understand what they’ll find on the page and how it relates to their search. A good meta description entices potential customers to engage with your content.

However, according to Google’s John Mueller, they do not directly affect the page rankings in search results. Any claims to the contrary are one of the many myths about Google rankings.

The Importance of Quality Meta Descriptions

If Google doesn’t use the meta description to rank your page, why should fencing contractors care about creating a unique meta description? 

Increased Click-Through Rates

The primary reason is that it increases your page’s click-through rates. Click-through rates are a measurement Google and other search engines use to determine the percentage of people who click on a link or advertisement after they view it. 

A good meta description increases CTR because when potential customers see that your website can answer their questions or solve their problems, they’re more likely to click on the link. A good click-through rate varies by industry, but if you can reach 10%, it means you’re generating a good amount of leads for your business.

This is where ranking high on the search engine really matters. According to Google, on average, the first search result achieves a CTR of around 25%, meaning one in four people who see the page listed click through for more information. By contrast, the 10th result on the page has a CTR of only 2.4%

Secondary Rank Increase

Keep in mind that while a meta description itself doesn’t increase search rankings, a high CTR does. So, a good meta description is important because it indirectly affects search engine rankings.

This creates a sort of cyclical cause and effect. You need a high ranking to help increase your click-through rate, but a high click-through rate also increases your ranking on the search engine.

The meta description is the bridge between these two points and can help you increase your CTR even if you appear lower in the rankings. Over time, this improves your position.

Brief Advertisement

Your meta description also functions as an organic ad text. In other words, think of it as a micro-ad, a way to quickly entice potential customers to hire you for their fencing needs. Use the same techniques you would for creating a compelling newspaper or billboard advertisement.

Writing Excellent Meta Descriptions

Do meta descriptions affect SEO? No, but as you know, they’re still important. To write the best meta descriptions, use the following advice.

Use 155 Characters

Google doesn’t display more than 155 characters in the meta description, so you waste any characters that appear after that length. You also should make them at least 140 characters.

According to several sources, up to 40% of meta descriptions end up truncated because they’re too long, and in many cases, Google rewrites the description.

Insert Target Keywords

While you shouldn’t stuff your meta description full of keywords, you should use the most relevant one or two terms. Google bolds targeted keywords to show searchers how relevant the web page meets their search results. Without any bolded words, the person might think your site doesn’t offer relevant information and will go on to the next page.

Ensure the keywords you use for all your content are well-researched and relevant to the fencing business and content.

Maintain Relevance

Make your meta description relevant to the individual page it links to. For example, if the page is about the benefits of vinyl fences, the description shouldn’t reference how your company has the best prices for chain-link fences.

Without a relevant meta description, you won’t see an increase in your click-through rates, and thus, you’ll stay ranked lower on the search engine rankings.

Pique Interest

Because the meta description functions as a brief advertisement, you should use it to increase the person’s interest. However, don’t reveal too much. For example, if the article is about whether you can paint a vinyl fence, don’t answer the question in the description.

Instead, allude to the answer by saying something like:

  • Many factors affect whether you can paint a vinyl fence. Keep reading to learn more.
  • Are you wondering whether you can paint a vinyl fence? Your Fencing Company has all the answers.
  • While many experts suggest not painting a vinyl fence, following these steps is the secret to success.

You can phrase a meta description in a way that creates a sense of mystery and curiosity. If the person searching for the topic is genuinely interested, they’ll crave an answer and likely click through to read the content.

Stay Unique

You should use a different meta description for each page. Using the same description across multiple pages means it likely isn’t relevant enough, and if multiple pages from your website appear in the same search result, a customer might not know which one to click on.

This rule also covers the content on your site. Don’t have two blog posts that discuss the same topic. Not only does it split the viewership of each post in half, but Google then characterizes it as irrelevant content and ranks it lower in the search results.

Let Fence Marketing Pros Increase Leads for Your Fencing Business

Do meta descriptions affect SEO? Only indirectly, but they’re still important to increase your website’s click-through rate.

Whether you need SEO myths debunked or are looking to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing for your fencing business, Fence Marketing Pros provides professional and expert service.

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