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Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies & Tips for Fence Companies

Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies & Tips for Fence Companies

Facebook is one of the most powerful tools businesses have at their disposal for custom, targeted advertising campaigns. One of Facebook’s unique selling points for advertisers is the set of sophisticated algorithms that deliver Facebook ads based on consumers’ profiles and online activities. 

The ability to present multiple messages simultaneously to different users and adjust your marketing strategy based on their response makes Facebook ad targeting invaluable in a changing business landscape.

The team at Fence Marketing Pros has a history of developing Facebook marketing for fence company social media marketing initiatives.

Market Segmentation

Facebook’s ad targeting feature allows businesses to reach segments of their audience based on these five criteria:

  • Behavior (such as purchases, engagement with ads, and online content)
  • Connections (Facebook friends and groups)
  • Demographics (such as age, gender, and ethnicity)
  • Location 
  • Interests (such as hobbies, professional roles, and entertainment)

Marketing Techniques That Draw on Segmentation for Fence Companies

Your business can profit from many different Facebook ad targeting strategies that capitalize on Facebook’s ability to select users based on different criteria.

Targeting Local Customers

Unless you sell fence materials and services nationally, you will need to focus marketing efforts on potential customers within your service area or within driving distance of your location. Even if you sell to a wide area, targeting geographic regions allows you to tailor your marketing to the needs of different local communities.

Engaging With Communities That Need Fences and Fencing Materials

People who need fencing are not alone. The internet fosters all sorts of communities based on shared needs, beliefs, or values, including fencing-related topics. Consider what people who invest in fencing are trying to say to the world. Your fences and installation services could help community members:

  • Show off their wealth or status with a high-end stone fence and wrought iron gate
  • Adorn their home with a fence inspired by a favorite movie or television show
  • Set boundaries with their neighbors by installing a rugged security fence

Establishing your company as a knowledgeable and trusted resource in certain domains (home security, popular culture, luxury architecture, or landscaping) allows you to market your Facebook advertisements to groups that will value and seek out your expertise. As they come to trust your online content, they will naturally develop a positive view of your brand.

Tying Fence Marketing Appeals to Consumer Behaviors

One effective way to create marketing efforts that resonate with your potential audience is to keep these questions in mind: 

  • Why do your consumers need fencing?
  • What behaviors either cause or result from the need for fencing?
  • How do consumers use the internet to meet their fencing needs?

The first question is at the heart of the brand identity for many fencing companies. The answer provides the rationale for marketing campaigns that use segmentation and Facebook ad targeting effectively. Consider the different ways you might address a targeted ad to the following consumers:

  • A professional house flipper who needs to repair fencing on a tight deadline
  • A married couple with children wanting a privacy fence for the back yard
  • A middle-aged homeowner who recently inherited a family home and wishes to restore weather-beaten fencing

Identifying the primary motivating factors for consumer behaviors allows you to create advertising that goes beyond the surface qualities of fencing products and services. You can address the deeper psychological motivations of your target audience.

Understanding the Demographics of Fencing Customers

Demographics might seem simplistic compared to the subtleties of consumer behavior and membership in online communities. However, knowing a customer’s age, gender, job title, and other information can help you improve your ability to connect with them. Demographic details are often easier to obtain than reliable information about customer intent or status in the community.

Encouraging Referrals and Inbound Connections Through Targeted Advertisements

Once you successfully engage with consumers and develop rapport with them, their networks of trusted social contacts can provide you with new leads. Encourage your loyal customers to post photos using your product and share their thoughts about your product or business. Reward your customers with referral perks when they introduce their Facebook friends to your business.

Open the Gates to a Larger Customer Base With Facebook Targeting Strategies From Fence Marketing Pros

Find out what our company can do to make yours stand out. Call Fence Marketing Pros to speak with an experienced marketing expert about the perfect Facebook ad targeting strategies to get your ads to people in your core audience.

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