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Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Update & Ways to Optimize Your Fence Company’s Website

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You’ve worked hard building your company. And when it comes to your website, you’ve tried to make it as appealing as possible: from a catchy title and slogan to interesting content with its own unique flair. 

Your page is sitting comfortably at the top of relevant Google searches because of it, but things are changing in the Google realm. So, if you want to keep your spot, it’s time your website changed, too. 

In this blog post, we discuss the Google algorithm update for June 2021, which will keep your website accessible and on top of your competitors. Be sure to keep in mind what you should continue to do to keep your audience intrigued once they’ve found your site.  

What’s in the Google Updates for June 2021?

Using new SEO ranking signals, Google plans to revolutionize search engine results, from “the best restaurants in town” to “fencing companies” like yours, with the most relevant and informative websites reaching the top. Characteristics that will affect this ranking include:

A Mobile-Friendly Design

Imagine that you’re reading a blog post on your laptop. You suddenly have to take it on the road, so you switch over to your phone—only to find that between the newly tiny text and excessive white space, you’re too annoyed to be interested in the article any longer. 

People are always on the move. So keeping a responsive design across all devices has become a necessity for any website in order to maintain an engaged audience. The need for a responsive design is also why Google is now flagging URLs through its Google Search Console or Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool. 

Put your website to the test with Google’s standalone Mobile-Friendly Test tool, and make your web page stress-free for you and your audience. 

Core Web Vitals

Now, imagine that you’re clicking through different search results on Google. For example, you’re looking for information on how to improve your fencing company. You click on one relevant site and find yourself staring at a blank screen. Is it your instinct to hit the “back” button and continue on with your search elsewhere? 

A person’s attention span on a website is about eight seconds. However, when waiting on a page to load, it’s even less. Don’t lose your audience to your competitors over lagging! Check how your site measures up with Google’s Pagespeed Insights testing tool, including these features: 

Largest Contentful Paint (loading performance), a part of the core web vitals, requires a 2.5 second maximum loading time for your page’s main content, including your main image. 

Cumulative Layout Shift (visual stability) determines how much the content on your page, including your images and CTA buttons, moves when loading. Google requires no more than 0.1 seconds for permanent placement on the page. 

First Input Delay (interactivity) measures the duration of the waiting period after clicking on a button on the site. Anything more than 100 milliseconds would need improving in order to pass the new Google 2021 updates. 

Safe Browsing

With new websites popping up every day, it’s difficult to tell a safe website from one that may use a scam to get your personal information. The last thing you need is for the website that you use to increase trafficking to your company to get flagged for malware issues or suspicious activity such as phishing or pharming. 

You may not be trying to put one over on anyone, but it’s still a good idea to run it through Google’s Safe Browsing site status check tool or to use a Security Issue report in the Google Search Console. 

Diminishing Intrusive Interstitials

Another turn-off is when the first impression of your website is a giant pop-up ad taking over the entire screen. This intrusion increases the possibility of audience members clicking away out of irritation. So don’t fall victim to the mobile pop-up penalty of 2017 with excessive ads, either. Instead, check and update your site.


In the front of every URL box, you will see a lock. If it’s closed, then you’ve already passed this new test for the new Google experience. However, if you see an exclamation point or another sign for your company’s website page, it may not be secure and, therefore, could be unsafe for users. 

Each of these topics has always been vital for keeping your audience on your page. However, according to Google algorithm update 2021, they are also requirements for keeping your webpage relevant.

What You Should Already Be Doing to Increase Viewership for Your Fencing Website

You’re probably thinking this is all you have to do in order to get and keep viewer interest now, but a great website involves more than just speed and accessibility. Don’t forget to consider these pieces of advice as well when improving your fencing company’s online presence:

Make your copy breathable

In other words, block paragraphs and a dull layout can easily overwhelm a reader. Including white space and photos or videos will bring your site to life and help maintain interest. Don’t forget—it’s not just about compelling copy; it’s also about aesthetics. 

Use a visible CTA button

A visible CTA (Call to Action) button is key in getting your target audience to the next step. If it blends in with the rest of your copy, readers can overlook it, which defeats its purpose for a higher click-through rate. 

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