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How Digital Marketing Can Increase Online Visibility of Your Fence Company

Almost every business with an online presence needs some kind of marketing strategy — fencing contractors included. Fence companies need a way to increase online visibility and promote their services to book more appointments and installations. So today, the team at Fence Marketing Pros is here to talk about how your fence company can benefit from digital marketing.  

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Search Engine Optimization

There are over 8 billion google searches every day, and most people nowadays rely on search engines to find businesses and services. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main way businesses can increase their reach and get more organic traffic on their websites.

SEO involves the strategic use of key search terms and phrases throughout website content and headings. Well-structured topical content ranks highly in search engines, making users more likely to visit business web pages.

SEO is extremely competitive, and Google frequently changes its search algorithm, meaning your business needs someone who can respond to these changes to take full advantage of the algorithm. A fence marketing company can improve business search results to increase audience reach. 

Paid Searches

Paid search advertising is a method of digital marketing that involves purchasing search engine results. You can think of paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as SEO’s cousin. Both SEO and paid searches can work together to increase traffic from search engines. 

The main difference is how Google lists paid search results compared to organic search results. Paid searches show up near the top of the search results page with an icon that says “Ad” to indicate it is a paid result. 

The main benefit of paid search advertising is that it can give you top-ranking search results without having to do SEO. Your company can also segment and target paid campaigns based on demographics like location, age, and individual search histories. 

Social Media

Hundreds of millions of people in the US use social media every day, and many people follow local businesses on their social media pages. Social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, are powerful resources to increase online visibility because they provide an organic way to reach out and engage with potential customers. 

One of the best features of social media is the low cost. Running ad campaigns on social media is very cheap and has excellent returns. Social media also helps businesses develop their brand voice and identity—i.e., the unique voice that distinguishes them from their competitors. 

Your business can cultivate an organic online following and build your reputation through social media. Sharing things like blog posts helps create an ecosystem of followers that share information with one another. 

Google Ads

Google Ads offers a way for companies to share their ads across several websites across the Google Ads ecosystem. Your company can set up ads and place them on various websites to attract specific demographics. 

You can also tailor ads to appeal to your specific target audience and run different versions of ads to see which ones perform best with potential customers. Running Google Ads can also provide useful insights into marketing efforts through quantifiable metrics and data. 

Content Creation

One of the most reliable methods of digital marketing is creating well-written, relevant topical content that can attract visitors from search engines. SEO will only get companies so far — their search results can still suffer if they have low-quality content that doesn’t answer visitors’ queries. 

Search algorithms can determine website relevance by checking how the page links to other internal and external web pages. Creating a series of backlinks to connect website pages to high-ranking content makes that content seem more relevant and makes it more likely to show up higher in search results. 

Types of relevant content for fence companies include:

  • Blog posts
  • Video guides
  • How-to-guides
  • Informational pamphlets

An experienced fence marketing company can help you find the right kinds of digital content to appeal to search engine users and draw more organic traffic. 

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