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How Does Google Rank Business Listings: Guide for Fence Companies

Google Maps business listings are integral to local SEO efforts. Fence companies with their business listings ranking highly and those with their listing occupying a position in the “Local 3-Pack” can expect more website visits, phone calls, and requests for estimates on new projects.

However, you can’t land a top position out of the blue. How does Google rank business listings? The search giant keeps its cards very close to its chest, but there are a few proven ranking factors you should know. Responding to reviews and general SEO practices are not enough.

This article will go over these ranking factors and discuss how you can ensure your proper listing optimization with these factors in mind.

Claim Status of the Google Maps Business Listing

Fence contractors who have claimed their business listing will rank higher than those who have only created a map listing. To create a listing, you only need to provide the name of your fence company, the category, and your location.

However, you’ll need to provide more information about the business when you claim your listing. The more information you provide, the higher your chances of landing a higher ranking.

The best digital marketing companies for fence companies will tell you that the bulk of your local SEO efforts hinges heavily on your Google My Business profile. If you don’t have one already, create a free profile and claim your business listing. The claims process is easy to navigate. Follow the prompts and supply all the relevant information.

Information Density on the Google Maps Business Listing

Look at the top-ranking fence businesses in your local area on Google Maps. You’ll notice that they all have the same thing in common: an information-laden listing. GMB optimization services often ensure that the listing has all required information covered.

You can add more information to your listing by navigating to the “Info” tab in your Google My Business account dashboard. Fill out all the required fields. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind here:

  • Stay consistent with your fence company name and address. Maintain the same name across your business listing, Facebook, website, etc. The slightest difference, even in spellings, can make your business look less trustworthy in the eyes of the algorithms.
  • Stick to local phone numbers. A toll-free number isn’t great for your business as Google associates it with spam. It’s best to use a local telephone number featuring your area code. Searchers will see the number as confirmation of your local presence.
  • Update your business hours. Potential customers rely on the listing to know if your business is open or closed. Updating the hours tells Google you’re actively managing the listing. It will also help you avoid negative reviews from angry customers who visit when you’re closed.
  • Write a business description. The description should be succinct enough to describe your business but well optimized to encourage searchers to call for quotes or visit your office. Adding a few of your relevant target keywords to the description will help you rank higher on Google.
  • Select the right category. As a fence company, your correct category is fence contractor. Landscaping or Home Improvement is wrong.

Use of Images

Without discussing images, it’s impossible to answer “how does Google rank business listings?”. Google gives business listings with images higher local rankings for a few reasons:

  • Customers love photos. They are likely to interact more with your listing if you have them, which is a positive signal for Google.
  • Regular image uploads signify active management. A regularly updated listing is another positive signal.
  • The images get double exposure in relevant search results. Local search results for relevant search terms will bring up your business listing. Prospective customers will also see images from the listing in the “images” section.

Choose some of your top images and videos from your recently completed fence projects and share them occasionally. Ideally, you should add one new photo per day. You can add new pictures by navigating your “Photos” tab in your Google My Business dashboard.

Quantity and Quality of Reviews

Fence companies with a high ranking on Google maps have 4+-star ratings and dozens of reviews. Google wants to recommend legitimate businesses with a history of delivering customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, customers mostly leave reviews when they are unhappy with a service. Therefore, you have to encourage your happy customers to leave honest reviews of your service. Respond to your reviews as much as possible. Your customers will rate you as attentive. It’s also an excellent way to get in front of negative reviews.

Website Responsiveness

Google monitors bounce rates even for click-throughs via the Google Maps business listing. You need to ensure visitors who find you through the listing can access your website in a fraction of a second. The site should also display correctly on desktop and mobile.

Navigation has to be seamless on mobile because the demographic currently accounts for 63% of searches on Google.

Listings with responsive websites further increase a fencing company’s authority and relevance in the niche. Higher on-site time signals that prospective customers love the company’s services.

Address Verification

Some high-ranking fence companies verify their address by embedding a Google map in their contact us page. Adding Google maps to your website is a way to confirm the address on the listing page. 

You can embed a Google Map on your website by selecting the “Embed a map” option on your business listing. Copy the generated data into your contact page to complete the process.

Learn More About How Google Ranks Business Listings

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