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How Long Does SEO Take to Work for Your Fence Website?


After crafting a marvelous website that showcases your diverse fence materials and building services, you publish it and wait for phone calls and digital inquiries to begin rolling in. However, you notice no substantial uptick for the first, second, and third weeks. Frustration and concern elevate as you wonder whether your SEO strategy was worth the investment. 

How long does SEO take to work, anyway? Fence Marketing Pros understands fence company SEO backward and forwards. Their team developed the following guide to help you determine when you should see improved search results. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization assists search engines in accurately sorting and displaying each website according to its content and usability. When a searcher inputs a string of keywords to find a specific group of websites, the engine generates results matching the search terms to sites reflecting those terms. 

Businesses must integrate SEO into their overarching digital marketing strategies to earn higher rankings and increased visibility within relevant search results. A necessary facet of SEO involves placing keywords throughout the site’s copy. For example, you’d implement terms like “fence builder in City, State” or “chain link fences near me” throughout your company’s web pages to attract potential clients. 

How Long Does It Take to Complete the SEO Process?

The SEO process can take up to three months to complete. Your marketing team must:

  • Analyze your current website and your competition
  • Learn about current search trends within your industry
  • Redesign each webpage
  • Rewrite the content on each webpage to reflect the way your target audience searches

They must implement content and technical SEO to ensure your website appears in optimal search results. You need high-quality content with ample information and an engaging tone to attract new customers and entice them to stay on your site. But how long does SEO take to work after completing the strategic tasks?  

How Long Does SEO Take to Work?

It takes months to garner informative SEO results. After completing an SEO overhaul, your marketing service waits for measurable metrics to register. Then, they’ll tweak their approach by reexamining and editing the content, URLs, and other page aspects. 

Most websites produce SEO results within a six-month timeframe. However, various factors can influence the return on investment for your fence business. 

Factors That Influence a Fence Company’s SEO Performance Timeline

The following five elements will ultimately determine your fence company’s SEO turn-around: 

  1. Site age: Older websites typically earn results faster than new ones. If you recently published your fence website, you might wait a little longer to see measurable results. 
  2. Desired accomplishments: Discuss what you want to see with your marketing agency. They’ll translate your goals into metrics. Remember, some metrics take longer to register than others. 
  3. Competitors: If you operate your fence business in an area saturated with similar service providers, you have more competition to work against. Their competition extends to digital real estate. 
  4. Strategic effectiveness: You need an SEO team who intimately understands two topics: the fence market and effective SEO strategies. A poor strategy may never earn results. Relying on marketers who don’t specialize in SEO wastes time and money. 
  5. Resource budget: When you put more time, money, and effort into crafting a custom SEO strategy, you’ll earn results faster. You should delegate a resource budget that closely resembles your competition’s budget. 

The Anatomy of the Average SEO Performance Timeline

What can you expect throughout your strategy’s timeline? The following scope guides you through the average strategy execution. Remember: the speed of your results depends on the factors listed above. This timeline merely offers a general idea of what to expect. 

First Three Months

The first month involves ample market research. Your marketing team will:

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Learn how your target audience shops and searches.
  • Analyze your competition’s SEO strategy.
  • Examine your current website’s metrics.

Then, they’ll develop a strategy based on those insights. 

The second month focuses on technical SEO aspects, including site design, user experience, URLs, and other modifications. Your fence website needs intuitive navigation that welcomes guests. Your team will eliminate unnecessary add-ons to increase site speed. 

The third month kicks off a complete content overhaul. A copywriter will rewrite your pages, integrating relevant keywords into the copy. Your team might even add some new pages with fresh content to flesh the website out based on your audience’s search patterns.  

Months 3 to 5

You might see SEO results by month four. However, the content creation doesn’t stop there. You need consistent updates to keep up with ever-shifting search trends. 

Your team will add new blog posts, videos, and images that reflect your fence company’s brand and services. By the fifth month, the results transform from small fluctuations to fruitful insights. Your team will use these metrics to improve your fence website, adding fresh blog content all the while. 

This period often involves social media integration. Your improved website will advertise the company’s social media profiles, inviting visitors to follow them. You can use social media posts to increase organic website traffic by posting page links directly to your profile. 

Six or More Months

Most SEO campaigns produce informative metrics by this stage. Your team may execute A/B tests to garner further insights into how your visitors respond, who they are, and what they want to get from your website. Depending on your preferred call to action, you should see significant increases in:

  • Phone calls
  • Contact submissions
  • Estimate requests
  • Consultation appointments

These actions typically lead to purchased services, which provide your return on investment. 

Contact Fence Marketing Pros to Kickstart Your SEO Timeline

How long does SEO take to work? The time frame depends on numerous factors. However, you significantly decrease the time needed to produce results by working with a marketing agency that specializes in your industry. Fence Marketing Pros helps fence companies develop strategic, growth-driven success.  

Fence Marketing Pros ensures you get the most from utilizing image optimization in SEO and integrating relevant keywords throughout your site. Contact us to request a free strategy session.

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