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How to Build Brand Authority for Your Fence Company With Effective Content

How to build authority

Understanding how to build brand authority gives your fence company a strong foothold in a competitive market. As a fence company owner, you already know how to take precise measurements, obtain permits, and build fences that last. Thus, word of mouth helps your business a great deal.

However, effective online advertising is a must in today’s digital society. Even companies that only serve a handful of areas need to reach and engage their audiences online. How can you develop your brand’s authority without lots of trial and error?

Brand authority goes along with numerous other web optimization tips for fence companies. Below, you’ll learn how to build it and reap productive results. 

Defining Brand Authority

If you have repeat customers who refer others to your company after a successful fencing project, you’ve already built a type of brand authority. However, word of mouth doesn’t always exist in accessible ways on the internet. You have to expand and document your authority.

Brand authority is the act of establishing your brand as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source of information and services. You must publish relevant information that targets existing and potential customers, calling them to take desired actions and ultimately purchase your fencing services. All competent marketing strategies use brand authority as the foundation for productive marketing efforts. 

Look at brand authority like a pyramid. You build the foundation with your current extensive knowledge and experience. The building blocks in the middle include effective marketing strategy, relevant keywords, and engaging consistent content output. Finally, trust sits at the top.

Your customers and broader audience trust your brand because you took the time to provide extra information and answer their questions. 

The Advantages of Brand Authority

If brand authority builds trust, what else can it do for your fence company?

It first helps you retain current customers. They’ll keep coming back to your fencing services because they have firsthand experience with your work and continue seeing demonstrated evidence of your knowledge.

Once you’ve learned how to build brand authority further, you also benefit by:

  • Attracting new customers through search engines and social media engagement
  • Gaining attention from a relevant network such as podcasts, blogs, and other authorities who create content within the same arena. 
  • Further advertisement and collaboration from that network. Hosts may request guest appearances, blog posts, and other collaborations with you. 
  • More backlinks to demonstrate to search engines that you create valuable content, thus increasing your views.
  • Conversion rates that turn readers and viewers into customers. When a person who has had no contact with your brand before encounters your content, they are more likely to consider your services. 

You essentially supply search-friendly information to your target audience. From there, your audience and customer base grow. 

Developing a Branding Strategy

How can you develop an effective branding strategy that demonstrates your knowledge of fence building? You start with the basics. Learn more about your target audience and how they use search engines to find relevant services. 

Research Keywords and Competitors 

Relevant keywords form the basis of any successful branding strategy. They demonstrate how your audience searches. For example, your fencing company’s location would be written as [City, State].

You would research keywords that include fencing terms alongside [City, State]. See the examples below to inform your own research:

  • Fence building near [City, State]
  • Fence building companies in [City, State]
  • Fence services [City, State]
  • Fence repair in [City]

You can disperse these keywords throughout your content, URLs, and social media posts. They make your brand easier for new customers to identify.

You should also check out what your competitors do to rake in potential customers. Check for other local fence companies or construction services. Examine their content output and how it performs. 

Build Out Your Website and Social Accounts

After gathering keyword and competitor information, apply it to your own website and social media accounts. Start by rewriting your profile information and website pages where necessary. Ensure that each page includes those keywords.

Craft and Curate Relevant Content

Next, use your creative chops to develop more content that informs and engages your audience. For example, you could discuss the benefits of wood fences vs chain link. Use those keywords throughout the new content while providing your audience with a wealth of information.

You can craft and publish smaller-scale content for your social media outlets. Try your hand at video content as well. It offers a more personal approach to audiences who learn while they listen. 

Consistency Is Key

Don’t let up on your content production! Amine Rahal’s Forbes article recommends publishing around 15 blog posts per month. Social media frequency depends on the platform and how your audience uses it.

However, new content once daily will generate consistent engagement more quickly. Research when your audience populates a platform during the day. Then, schedule post publishings at those times. 

Build Links

After consistently publishing quality blog content, remember to share it on your social media platforms alongside your social media posts. Encourage engagement and discussion from readers with calls to action that include:

  • Asking questions relevant to the subject
  • Requesting that others share their experiences
  • Asking readers what they’d like to see more on your page

When you earn more reactions, comments, and shares, more people come across your content on their newsfeeds. This increases the likelihood of other sites linking back to yours. 

Network with Related Content Creators

Additionally, you can build relationships with other subject authorities who discuss related topics. Doing so may eventually earn you a featured interview or discussion.

Note that you cannot pay a host to link back to or feature your content. This leads to penalties from search engines like Google. Search engine penalties harm your website’s ranking, pushing you further down the list of search results. Your brand’s visibility decreases as a result.

Networking and engaging with third-party content creators establish relationships where backlinks and features occur organically. 

Brand Building Avenues for Fence Companies

Where can you begin building your brand authority? Carefully research the following avenues to see if they fit your brand and target audience: 

  • LinkedIn allows you to network with commercial companies and local businesses. 
  • TikTok and Instagram host niche audiences of people with special interests. 
  • Facebook offers a wide-scale approach with numerous marketing features. 
  • Your website is your first and most important content host. 

Common Questions About Brand Authority

If you still have questions, consider reading on for answers.

Which social media platforms are best for fence companies?

The best social media platforms for fence companies include TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Target companies and individuals with relevant hashtags and search terms. 

What type of content should fence companies output?

Fence companies should output videos, blog posts, and brief social media posts with copy and images. The content should establish you as a subject matter expert in your industry with demonstrations, finished projects, and problems you’ve solved. 

How can I measure my fencing brand’s effectiveness?

You can measure a fencing brand’s effectiveness with metrics. Once you understand how metrics work, you can learn how your target audience engages with your brand. Those metrics translate into increased service sales. 

What does brand authority do for my company?

Brand authority demonstrates to engaged audiences that you know what you’re doing and intimately understand your trade. Most successful brands establish themselves as industry experts through their authority. 

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