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How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Fence Website

how to increase domain authority

As the proud owner of a fence company, you want your business to generate success. While your team provides quality fence-building services at fair prices, these efforts won’t ensure your brand’s online success. You must build a strong domain authority to craft a reputable digital presence. 

The expert team at Fence Marketing Pros specializes in fence company SEO strategies customized to each client’s needs. They outlined how to increase the domain authority of your fence company’s website below. Keep reading to discover how to rank higher in search engine results.  

What Does Domain Authority Mean?

Domain authority refers to a metric used to rank your website’s performance in search engine results. The better your domain authority, the higher you rank in an engine’s organic search results. Moz, a marketing software developer, created domain authority as a metric.

Some business owners confuse domain authority with page authority. While the two have similar characteristics, they differ in what they rank. Page authority determines your website’s individual web page rankings. Domain authority offers insight into your whole website’s ranking in relevant search results. 

How Does Domain Authority Benefit Your Fence Company?

Improving your domain authority will increase your brand’s digital visibility. Shoppers increasingly surf the internet to find information about various products and brands. When they search for your fence services, they want to know:

  • How well you understand your craft
  • How much experience you’ve gained
  • What other customers said about their experience with your company
  • Your service areas
  • Specifics about your fence-building services (i.e., materials used, recommendations, etc.)

Offering these relevant details through engaging content builds your brand’s domain authority. 

How Do Domain Authority Scores Work?

When you run your website through a domain ranking tool, you’ll receive a score of up to 100. This score determines your domain authority’s strengths and weaknesses. You can also find tips on improving your score, depending on the tool used to generate it. 

What does your authority score mean? Examine the list below to find out:

  • An 80 or above indicates a well-rounded domain authority that hits all the marks.
  • A score between 60 and 80 means the site has many strong points but can still improve. 
  • 50 to 60 suggests that, while the site needs work, it still earns organic traffic and ranks reasonably in search engines. 
  • If you score between 30 and 50, you have an average business website. 
  • Any score below 30 indicates that your website performs below average. 

You want to achieve the highest score possible but doing so may require some experimentation and strategizing. If you can reach an above-average score, you’re on the right track! 

How to Increase Domain Authority on Your Fence Website

Learning how to increase your domain authority begins with focusing on the basics. How does your site content read to a visitor? What do potential customers experience when they visit your website? Although fortifying your authority requires extensive planning and careful execution, you can work on the following basics. 

Focus on Content Quality

Each blog post and service page should contain valuable information in an engaging format. Some examples of riveting, quality content include:

  • How-to videos
  • Infographics demonstrating service cycles
  • Blogs detailing the fencing materials you use and why customers should choose them

You can also coordinate a guest posting schedule by networking with other experts working in adjacent fields, like landscapers or lawn maintenance professionals. Integrating these elements throughout your website turns it into a treasure trove of valuable industry insight for people interested in building fences on their properties. The reader may even share your links, spreading brand awareness even further. 

Use Trustworthy Backlinks

One method for authority development involves linking back to unbiased, informative domains. Backlinking demonstrates that you know where to find industry-specific information. It can also show readers that you back your claims with reputable sources.

Experienced marketers recommend using websites with the following domains:

  • .org
  • .edu
  • .gov

As long as the website doesn’t attempt to sell a product or service for its benefit, you can probably use it as a backlink. 

Use Caution with Outbound Links

On that note, check any sites you previously linked in your current content. Ensure that it follows backlinking recommendations. If it doesn’t, remove and replace it with a link that does. Outbound links should always relate to the represented content. 

Streamline Your Site Design

Business websites should feature a design that visitors can easily navigate. Overly complex layouts act as an inconvenient obstacle. They thwart visitors from spending more time on your fence website, which lowers your Google ranking and increases your bounce rate. 

Improve your website’s user experience by avoiding the common design pitfalls that diminish your authority.  

Link Relevant Internal Pages

Finally, promote your fence company on your company’s website. For example, you publish a blog post about why aluminum fences are a superior option for residential neighborhoods. You could link to a service page about aluminum fences within the post. You can also link to other blog posts using relevant anchor texts. 

Tools for Assessing Domain Authority

Where can you learn more about your domain authority? Try the free assessment tools below to get an idea about your fence company’s score:

  • Link Explorer by Moz
  • Site Explorer by Majestic
  • Domain Rating by Ahrefs

You can find other free tools via Google Search as well. Use various tools and record the results and recommendations. Compare what each tool says about your website to get a well-rounded idea of what you should improve to increase your fence company’s domain authority. 

Work with Fence Marketing Pros to Achieve Results

The experienced markets at Fence Marketing Pros have extensive experience in helping fence companies thrive in their service areas. Their team knows how to increase your domain authority and SEO ranking using diverse resources, talent, and skills to craft a customized plan for your brand. Request a consultation and start growing your fence business today.

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