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How to Rank Higher on Google Maps for Your Fence Business

how to rank higher on google maps

As a fence contractor, you want your business to show up first on search engine results pages and Google Maps when people in your service area are seeking the services you provide. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have high enough Google Maps rankings to be noticeable to new audiences and prospective customers online. Knowing how to rank higher on Google Maps could do wonders for your local business.

As experts in fence company SEO techniques, the professionals from Fence Marketing Pros understand the importance of achieving a high ranking on Google Maps. In the post below, their team explains various tips for boosting visibility on Google Maps for fence companies.

Optimizing for Higher Google Maps Placement: Top Tips

When you search for a business or service online through Google, the search engine’s algorithm may pull up Google Maps on the SERPs with nearby businesses relating to your query. Those enterprises likely have great rankings on Google Maps, which is why they’re in a prominent location on SERPs.

Google Maps is an essential marketing tool that every fence contractor should use. It’s free and effective, and it can help you attract new potential customers in your area who will notice your business and seek your services. Unfortunately, listing your fence business isn’t enough to generate attention; you must also have a high ranking to reap the benefits of your listing. 

According to Google, the top factors for increasing Google Maps visibility are how much a business matches a person’s online search, the enterprise’s distance from the search user, and the company’s popularity or credibility. If relevance, distance, and credibility are necessary for improving Google Maps rankings, how can you incorporate them into your fence company’s online presence to boost visibility?

Learn how to rank higher on Google Maps with the tips below. 

Claim and Add Your Fence Business to Google Maps

The first step in enhancing local search rankings for your fence company is to add the business to Google Maps. Your business might not automatically appear on Google Maps. Follow these steps to add your business:

  • Visit Google Maps. You can visit the website on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Check for your listing. You’ll know your listing on Google Maps is available if a drop-down menu with your business and address appears. 
  • Add your business. If your business doesn’t show up, click “add a missing place” in the drop-down menu.
  • Provide your details. Insert your business’s name, category, and location.

Once your listing is up, claim it. Claiming your fence business listing on Google Maps gives the search engine more information about your company. The more details Google Maps has, the better your ranking will be. 

Complete Your Fence Company’s Google Business Profile

After creating and claiming your business on Google Maps, you should do the same for your Google Business Profile. Formerly called Google My Business, a Google Business Profile makes it easier for customers to find businesses in their area. It also makes it easier to improve your Google Maps visibility.

To see if your fence business has a listing, search for your company’s name on Google. If you have a listing as part of your Google account, you can edit its details, sometimes directly on the SERP. 

By verifying this listing as yours and filling it with accurate, up-to-date information, Google will recognize the business’s existence. The search engine will cross-reference the data on your Google Business Profile with details from your company website and other resources to establish its credibility.

Accumulate Positive Reviews of Your Business

Customer reviews are of significant importance to Google Maps and local search queries. Google won’t push every review as credible or relevant since reviews carry separate ranking factors like:

  • Review score
  • Review quantity
  • Keyword usage in reviews

The more positive reviews your business has online, the better. Consider asking your clients to leave reviews online. You could do this by creating a social media campaign or offering a discount to encourage new and previous customers to leave reviews or state their opinions about your business. To help with keyword usage, you could ask customers to review specific services or products. 

Add Photos to Your Listing

Google Maps loves visual content and places greater importance on local businesses with pictures on their listings than those without photos. Images tell the algorithm that the listing is active and credible, which helps improve rankings in SERPs. Google also has advanced photo-recognition technology that will display images with search results. 

People also love photos, which is another reason to include them in your Google Maps listing. Visual content is engaging and makes listings look more dynamic to consumers and Google’s algorithm.

Optimize Your Web Pages for Local Searches

If you want your fence company to show up on local queries, your web content should include local optimization. Conducting a local SEO audit will show you the areas needing more local attention, whether through localized keywords, relevant content, or local links. 

You should also ensure that your website is user-friendly and has accurate information. You want visitors to engage with your pages. 

The goal of localized content for organic searches is to make it easy for Google to crawl and index your company’s information and content. By including locally-oriented content full of relevant keywords and internal and external links about your services, products, and industry, Google will prioritize your company and increase its rankings.  

Let the Professionals Create Your Strategies for Better Google Maps Rankings

Knowing how to rank higher on Google Maps is just one way you can set your fence business above the competitors in your service area. However, you can maximize your business’s content localization benefits by working with Fence Marketing Pros, one of the best digital marketing firms that only works with fence contractors. 

Their digital marketing experts have over 15 years of experience optimizing fence businesses to boost their online visibility and generate sales leads through SEO, Google Ads, Google My Business, and other strategies. Contact Fence Marketing Pros today to schedule a consultation.

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