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How To Repurpose Content for Your Fence Website

how to repurpose content

It takes a lot of work to run a fence company, especially when it’s time to create and distribute content on your business website. Website content is important for engaging with existing and prospective customers and drawing attention from new audiences. Still, keeping up with the demand for content creation takes time, effort, and resources, which could rob your attention from other duties.

Knowing how to repurpose content offers many benefits, from boosting the SEO for a fence company to preventing content creation burnout for the business’s marketers. In the guide below from Fence Marketing Pros, you’ll learn the top tips for repurposing fence contractor website content and its benefits.

Tips on Repurposing Different Types of Content for a Professional Fence Website

Content repurposing isn’t the same as reposting one YouTube video or blog across your website and social media channels. Neither is it the same as reposting someone else’s content after slightly changing it to match your fence business’s website. The first process is spamming, while the second is theft.

Repurposing content is recycling a piece of your original content to convert it into new formats. With this content creation method, you can produce several kinds of content to share on multiple channels without creating something new every day or week. It’s an effective way to prevent burnout without sacrificing your business’s content schedule or content quality.

Let’s say you post videos on YouTube relating to your fence business. Then, you add snippets of the video on social media posts, like a reel on Facebook and statistics on X (formerly Twitter). That’s content repurposing.

One of the top benefits of content repurposing is better search engine optimization rankings. With relevant keyword research and high-grade content creation, your fence business can organically earn better rankings for search engine results pages.

Since you know what content repurposing is, consider these tips to learn how to repurpose content and maximize your online reach as a fence contractor.

Repurposing Visual Content

According to Statista, in 2022, videos were the highest-performing type of content marketing at 45%, with short-form articles coming in second at 31%. You might post videos on your fence business’s website and YouTube if you prefer videos as your core content format. A single video could produce several short-form content pieces you can post on other platforms. 

The goal isn’t to repeat the same details but to share a batch of information with different audiences to maximize your business’s reach. It’s reasonable to say that some people prefer visual over audio or written content. However, if you repurpose content, the information you provide in a long-form video can still find its way to people who don’t watch YouTube.

Even something as simple as making text transcripts for your fence company’s videos is effective content recycling. Transcripts can benefit audiences who prefer to consume information by reading. They also help people who need assistive technology to enjoy audio content.

Other ways you can repurpose visual content include the following:

  • Podcasts: Podcasting might seem unusual because it’s a type of audio content. However, you can share videos on podcast platforms or use the information within your videos to discuss fence-related topics on a podcast. 
  • Short-Form Videos: Many people regularly consume short-form videos like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram/Facebook Reels. Consider breaking down interesting parts of a long video to create a sneak peek, trailer, or topic highlight.
  • X Threads: Again, you can use some interesting points about a video and create an engaging series of posts on X.

Repurposing Audio Content

Podcasts and audio interviews are a great choice if you like to produce content by speaking out loud. Audience engagement through this type of content can be difficult since people can’t respond to your topic or ask questions in real time. Still, you can circumvent that problem by learning how to repurpose content podcasts. 

YouTube videos and podcasts can go hand in hand. By recording a video of every segment, you immediately have two types of content with the same information to share on different platforms to reach new audiences. Other audio repurposing methods include:

  • Sharing the best lines from the podcast on social media
  • Creating an audiogram post to tease the episode
  • Sharing juicy tidbits from each episode on TikTok or Instagram Reels

Repurposing Written Content

Written content like long-form blogs is a staple for many fence contractor websites. If you have high-quality blogs on your website, you can transform the text-heavy content into new formats like the following:

  • SlideShare: SlideShare lets you take a blog, break it into smaller bits, and create a magnificent presentation. You can also incorporate graphic elements like charts, pictures, and animation.
  • Infographics: Infographics are ideal if you have a blog with lots of statistics and data. With an infographic, you can share the most important parts of a blog in a single visual to share on social media posts. 
  • Quote Graphics: Does your blog about the fencing industry include quotable nuggets? If so, pull the quotes and add them to shareable images. 
  • Video or Podcast: Depending on the type of blog you want to repurpose, you could use it to create a script for a video or as a topic for a podcast episode.

When repurposing content, be sure to learn the best practices and community culture of each platform you post on to ensure the best results. 

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