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How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences for Fence Companies

As the owner of an up-and-coming fence company, you proactively seek new ways to advertise your business and increase your audience size. But many of the guides you discover only speak to a generalized audience. They don’t cater to the very specific needs of your fence contracting company.

As the most widely used marketing platform in 2022, Facebook offers numerous marketing tools to help brands grow their audiences. Meta Ads Manager is one such tool. If your fence company’s Facebook marketing strategy doesn’t create Facebook Lookalike Audiences through this tool, you’ll only reach the same audience over and over again.

What is a lookalike audience? How do you nurture customized engagement audiences to grow your fence company? Discover answers to these questions and more with the guide below.      

What Are Lookalike Audiences?

Facebook Lookalike Audiences are an ad-targeting feature on Meta Ads Manager. It allows you to use information about your current audience to reach a new audience. Hence, your new audience shares numerous traits with your original one, making it a lookalike.

Navigating Lookalike Audiences may come more easily to business owners who ran successful ad campaigns in the past. Previous campaigns allow you to track metrics such as:

  • Content engagement
  • Impressions
  • Audience location
  • Specific audience demographics

Thus, you can use the information to inform how you develop your lookalike audience.

If you’ve never run an ad campaign, you can still utilize this feature. While you won’t harvest information from a previous campaign, you can use other relevant metrics. Review metrics about your current business page followers to inform your strategy.

Your insights should display your following’s most active times, sex, age, location, and the devices they use to access your content. Your insights provide a wealth of information to help you strategize reaching your lookalike audience.   

How Can Facebook Lookalike Audiences Work for Fence Companies?

What exactly does Facebook Lookalike Audiences do for your fence company? You already have a decent following of active customers on your Facebook page. They readily engage with your content.

But you have encountered a problem. Your business isn’t growing. Your most loyal customers only need so much fence work at a time.

You need to reach a broader audience of a similar demographic. Thus, your marketing strategy should reach out to a lookalike audience.

When you do this, you might change a few small demographic targets such as a broader location or age range. However, most other demographic targets will remain the same. Your Facebook Lookalike Audiences will benefit your business by:

  • Reaching new people who may then convert into customers
  • Helping you fine-tune your targeting with new insights
  • Allowing you to use information from other channels, such as your email list, to control and develop your reach

You’ll keep your finger on the pulse of your fence company’s growth while enjoying more control in the long run.  

Analyzing Fence Ad Audiences

How does this information apply specifically to fence companies and their current and future customers? First, research larger trends and compare them to your business’s analytics. Use the following identifiers to begin planning:

  • Age: During your research, you should identify specific age ranges that make up the largest portion of potential customers. For example, people between the ages of 25 and 45 might own property that they want to develop further. 
  • Relationship status: You should deduce from certain insights whether your demographic is married, single, or in some type of committed relationship. Using the above example, these age ranges may well be married or in committed relationships. 
  • Gender: Which gender demographic has a larger interest in certain landscaping projects? 
  • Education level: Education levels offer information about how much your demographic makes. 
  • Career: Like education levels, career paths indicate your demographic’s budget. 
  • Location: You want to expand your current target area. Find out nearby regions that contain your preferred demographic. 

How Your Target Audience Searches

After fleshing out your target demographic’s personality and lifestyle, you need to reach them effectively. You do this by learning how your audience searches on Facebook and using those search terms and interests to inform your advertising content. For example, many people want a specific fence material.

If your general region prefers wood fences, you’ll create content that features information and imagery about wooden fences. Perhaps your audience lives in rural areas and practices backyard homesteading. They need small-scale agricultural fencing options for their property.

Therefore, you would seek terms and interests related to this information.  

Using Facebook’s Lookalike Audience

Now that you understand who your Lookalike Audience is and what they do, you’ll set up your Facebook Lookalike Audience. Keep in mind that Meta regularly updates each feature. So you may need to adjust your campaigns accordingly.  

Select Your Source

Will you pull your new audience using information available in:

  • Pages?
  • Pixel?
  • Custom Audience?

If you choose Custom Audience, you can choose sources such as your website, a predefined list, customer app activity, or offline activity. You can also select from numerous Facebook sources. 

Choose a Location

As a fence company owner, you should choose a broader location range than your typical preferences. This increases your territory while reaching more people in nearby localities. Lookalike Audiences will target the people who never interacted with your business. 

Establish Audience Size

Choose an audience of no less than one hundred people. Depending on your goals and cost-per-conversion budget, you should try reaching at least a few thousand people. 

Consider Lookalike Audience Requirements

Consider the following specifications before publishing your Lookalike Audience campaign:

  • No fewer than 100 people within your country. The broader the pool, the better the results you’ll earn. 
  • Choose previous customers based on the value they offer, how much they spend, and whether they engage with your current content. Although you want to reach a broader audience, keep audience quality in mind.  
  • Once you publish and populate your Lookalike Audience, prepare to tweak your requirements to improve your relevance score. You may also benefit from developing an A/B test method to discover which ads are most effective with your new audience. 

Common Questions About Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Many people might still have questions; some of the most common are answered below.

Are there differences between custom and lookalike audiences?

There are differences between custom and lookalike audiences. A custom audience has already interacted with or come across your business in some way. A lookalike audience has never interacted with your company, providing a fresh pool of potential customers. 

What does Facebook Lookalike Audiences accomplish?

Facebook Lookalike Audiences accomplishes the goal of introducing your brand to fresh people. This introduction can increase your ROI while improving your marketing strategy with new insights.  

Are retargeting and Lookalike the same thing?

Retargeting and Lookalike are not the same thing. Retargeting occurs when an audience already knows about your business but has yet to engage in a meaningful way. Thus, you reintroduce them to your brand with another piece of targeted advertising.

A lookalike audience has never interacted with your brand before, though it shares similar characteristics with your current one.  

How long does a lookalike audience take to become inhabited?

A lookalike audience can take anywhere from six hours to a full day to become completely inhabited. 

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