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Understanding the Role of Keywords in the SEO of Your Fence Company

Search Engine Optimization For Fence Companies

Keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) have gone hand-in-hand for decades now. Understanding the role of keywords in SEO can help you build a website for your fence company that attracts more viewers and increases your conversion rate.

Local SEO represents a pivotal part of the sales process if you run a fencing company, as you likely want to reach clients close to your physical area. Learn more about local SEO and the importance of keywords with Fence Marketing Pros by calling (888) 622-2964.

Review the Basics About Keywords

Before focusing on the role of keywords in SEO, it’s useful to learn more about what keywords represent. These words—and sometimes phrases—reflect the information people enter into search engines while looking for answers to questions, products, or local services.

Many words and phrases can serve as keywords for SEO. You can choose to include keywords in your website or blog pages. The proper use of SEO keywords can affect where your company appears in search results on search engines like Google.

Appearing higher in the search results often leads to increased attention from internet users. Higher-ranking sites often appear more professional or trustworthy. Many viewers click on high-ranking sites simply because they’re first, allowing those web pages to get extra attention from potential customers.

Comparing Broad and Long-Tail Keywords

Not all SEO keywords perform the same function. In many cases, a digital marketer may break keywords down into different categories.

Broad Keywords

Broad keywords (also called head keywords) often have a lot of demand. For example, the word “fence” may represent a broad keyword for fencing companies. Many people may include “fence” in their search engine query, meaning companies face a lot of competition if they try to rank for this term. These keywords have:

  • A high volume of searches
  • High competition
  • Low conversion rates

Companies often see broad keywords used by people with multiple intents instead of a specific focus. These keywords may work well if you have a top-level page for fencing.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords function differently than broad keywords. Long-tail keywords often combine multiple terms, giving them more specificity. For example, the phrase “local fence company with good reviews” may represent a long-tail keyword phrase.

Companies often have an easier time ranking higher for long-tail keywords because these keywords come with less competition. Long-tail keywords often have:

  • Lower search volume
  • Higher conversion rates
  •  More words in them

People typically use long-tail keywords if they have a specific search in mind, such as the best fencing company in their area. These keywords work well when you include them on lower-level pages.

Include Both Primary and Secondary Keywords

When considering the role of keywords in SEO, it’s important to review both primary and secondary keywords. Primary keywords represent the most “important” keywords on your site. For a fencing company, primary keywords may include terms like:

  • Fence
  • Fencing
  • Fence contractors
  • Fencing company

You can also increase your SEO rank by including secondary (or supporting) keywords. These keywords deal indirectly with the primary subject of a company’s website or blog. They help gather semantic interest and often work closely with long-tail keywords.

Examples of secondary keyword phrases for a fencing company may include:

  • Types of wood for a fence
  • Cost to install a fence
  • Getting a fence permit

Including primary and secondary keywords in a blog post allows more clients to find your company. This strategy can also increase your rank on search engines.

Where to Use Keywords for a Fence Company

Using keywords in the right location can also help your site rank better. Many website designers know to use keywords throughout their content. In the past, peppering keywords in an article often proved sufficient to ensure the page ranked well.

However, Google’s algorithms have changed over time. Search engines now look for more than the prevalence of keywords when ranking websites. In order to use these terms most effectively, experts recommend including keywords in the title of the article.

Many companies believe that they can draw in more visitors by leaving their titles vague. However, vague titles often rank poorly in Google and other search engines. More specific titles such as “How to Contact Fence Companies in Your Area” can end up helping your pages rank higher.

You may even include keywords in replies to client questions or reviews. Wondering how responding to reviews help with SEO? Including keywords in your answers can help positive reviews rank higher, drawing more attention to them.

Use Local Keywords for Your Fence Company

You can also break SEO keywords down into global and local categories. Global keywords may apply regardless of a visitor’s location. For example, a keyword like “most expensive fencing material” could apply anywhere in the world.

Local SEO keywords and services help companies reach clients in their area. Companies that provide services like fence installation benefit from contacting potential customers within their service area. Keywords like “the best fencing companies in Phoenix, AZ,” may help in this situation.

Including these keywords in the title of your website page can help direct local customers to your site. Spreading these keywords throughout your articles can also increase your site’s rank, making it easier for interested parties to find.

Learn More About the Role of Keywords for Fence Companies

You can continue studying the role of keywords in SEO with SEO services by Fence Marketing Pros. Their experts can provide you with support as you set up and operate a website for your fencing company.

For professional assistance getting started, call (888) 622-2964. Find out more about how keywords can help lead to conversions today.

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