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SEO Myths Debunked: What Fence Companies Need to Know


Is an SEO strategy worth the investment? Or should you save your resources for other endeavors? Fence Marketing Pros, an expert in developing fruitful fence company SEO strategies, debunks ten prevalent SEO myths below.

#1 Myth: SEO Is Digital Snake Oil

Although some marketing professionals shroud search engine optimization in mystery, it isn’t trickery or black magic. Although the marketing agency you hire to improve your online presence should access insider information, the practices and strategies follow similar patterns as some social media platforms. SEO relies on a performance algorithm, and a skilled digital marketer should explain their approaches to help you understand. 

#2 Myth: You’ll Achieve Instant Results

When you invest in SEO services for your fence company, you understandably want a high ROI (return on investment). However, all marketing strategies take time to perfect and improve results. A marketing company can identify your pain points and help you set realistic goals regarding your website’s ranking and performance. Fantastic results often take weeks or months to achieve. 

#3 Myth: Present Your Fencing Company on All Platforms

You have so many platform options that you might feel overwhelmed. Although your fencing company should occupy brand space on multiple platforms, you should choose a select few. Prioritize your website first. Then, discuss your target audience with your marketing team. They will guide you toward the correct platform selection.  

#4 Myth: Your Content Doesn’t Need Copy

Although many internet users prefer images and videos, copywriting still helps your company’s website rank. Search engines use bots called crawlers. These crawlers primarily rely on text elements to determine a website’s relevance and ranking. 

Additionally, many searchers still prefer written content to other media formats. Copy explains some topics better than videos and images. A marketing team with a skilled copywriter can work wonders for your fencing company. 

#5 Myth: Content Quantity Is More Important

Some agencies may push the idea that you need a constant flow of content on your website and platforms. Although content consistency is essential, quality content delivers measurable value in metrics and audience engagement. Your content must:

  • Contain relevant information about your fence-building services
  • Demonstrate your expertise and authority on various fence topics
  • Have industry-specific keywords dispersed naturally throughout the content
  • Implement technical SEO practices for accurate search engine indexing

Your site could incur Google penalties without these elements. Therefore, a consistent content calendar should provide enough time to produce quality content.

#6 Myth: Only Focus on Keywords and Ranking

The following SEO myths tie into the previous one. Keywords assist indexing bots or crawlers identify and organize your content within the search engine’s database. Some business owners and marketing professionals assume they should only focus on keyword integration to rank higher in result pages.

However, the search engine doesn’t solely rely on a website’s keyword rankings to determine its relevance and value. It focuses on other elements, including:

  • Link building: Do other websites link back to your pages? If they do, they’ve identified your content as a reliable source of information. 
  • Visitor engagement: How long do readers stay on a given page before they bounce or navigate to a different page? When they stay longer, they find something of value in the content. 
  • Actions taken: If the visitor stays on the site, do they take any other actions? Navigating further into your website or pressing a contact button implies they like what they see. 

In other words, all types of content should have a natural flow that engages the human visitor just as much as it assists search engines. Marketers should never focus solely on search engine guidelines. 

#7 Myth: Paid Advertising Always Improves Your Ranking

Pay-per-click and other paid advertising strategies can absolutely produce profound results. However, Hubspot found that 27% of website traffic comes from organic search results. Only 9% comes from paid results. 

Therefore, any experienced white-hat SEO expert should push for organic content. Use paid advertising as part of an overarching campaign.  

#8 Myth: The Longer, the Better

While long-form blog posts have their place, they don’t work for all topics. For example, your marketing team notices an uptick in searches involving keywords like “benefits of wooden fences.” A blog post, “5 Benefits of Wooden Fences For Homeowners” would satisfy that recent search trend. 

However, stretching the topic into a 2,000-word post is a recipe for disaster. The reader will struggle to find the precise information they want. Therefore, they won’t spend much time on the post. A 500-word post would cover the topic succinctly and quickly while engaging the reader with relevant information. 

#9 Myth: Negative Reviews Are Always a Bad Thing

Do negative reviews make you nervous? They shouldn’t unless your fencing company consistently earns more bad reviews than positive ones. Some negative feedback can go a long way in:

  • Helping potential customers determine whether your fencing services and materials will work for their needs
  • Assisting you in improving your customer service and marketing strategies
  • Demonstrating your company’s authenticity

Search engines don’t necessarily penalize companies for a few unsatisfactory reviews. Just respond politely to show others that you never disregard customers and use the feedback to improve. 

#10 Myth: Only Certain Industries Need Marketing Assistance

Finally, some owners of fence companies and similar businesses assume they don’t need marketing assistance from professional digital marketers. After all, fencing services are fairly straightforward, right? You build, repair, and accessorize fences in your service area. 

However, you might not know how to navigate the constant shifts in search engine optimization. Your target audience constantly changes how they search for fence services. Keeping up with those changes while running a fence business is a challenge. Expert marketers who specialize in fencing companies will keep your business on the cutting edge of SEO rankings.  

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Prevalent SEO myths can hurt your rankings in local searches. A skilled marketing company with experience servicing fence companies can guide you toward digital success! Fence Marketing Pros understands the role of keywords in SEO. Let their team create a strategy for your fence company.


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