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Seven Tips on Web Page Optimization for Your Fence Company

tips for web page optimization

Whether your business ships products across the world or you provide fence repair services across town, web page optimization is crucial. Today’s businesses thrive off their online presence, and the importance of keeping your website updated continues to be vital. 

When it comes to search engines, Google continues to rule. So knowing how to reach the top of Google’s search results is crucial. However, Google and the internet continue to change, and businesses need to adapt to these changes. 

This guide explores how optimizing your web pages can improve your Google ranking factors.

Make Your Web Pages Mobile-friendly

In 2020, over half of all users made digital purchases via a mobile device. There’s no denying the convenience of searching for a product or service via your smartphone or tablet. Some tips to make your site more mobile-friendly are: 

  • Use shorter meta titles that are easier for mobile users to read. 
  • Avoid excessively using pop-ups, as these ads can cloak your content, preventing your users from quickly accessing your site. 
  • Sometimes, it’s better to embrace minimalism for your content. For example, long-form content can often translate poorly for mobile devices. 
  • Ensure your content is consistent and adaptable across desktops and various mobile devices.

Put an Emphasis on Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for boosting traffic and attracting potential customers. Many businesses use content like blogs and articles to expand their digital footprint. However, with so many competitors, you must find ways to stand apart. 

Some ways you can improve your SEO are: 

  • Undergo keyword research, optimizing for local inquiries 
  • Fix any broken links
  • Reduce image size on web pages, ensuring these pages load much quicker
  • Increase overall page speed
  • Add authority external links that don’t compete with your site
  • Generate more backlinks
  • Include a sitemap
  • Create easy-to-read and valuable content that utilizes techniques like FAQs, white space, bulleted lists, short paragraphs, etc

For SEO, a major part of web page optimization is making a site user-friendly. You may have the best content in the world, but a site that’s slow to load or hampered by pop-up ads will force a user to turn away.

Improving Your Content Marketing

Breaking through the digital clutter and generating leads means businesses must know how to improve their content marketing. Helpful ways to improve your content marketing are: 

  • Creating a content hub that can serve as your company’s resource center 
  • Filling this hub with various blogs and articles ranging from helpful information, DIY hacks, news, and more
  • Spreading this content across your social media channels and email lists 
  • Keeping up-to-date with trending topics and optimizing your content accordingly
  • Updating or removing content with low traffic

Minimize Your Website’s Bounce Rate

The percentage of users that leave your site without visiting more than one page is known as your website’s bounce rate. So naturally, the lower your bounce rate, the greater the likelihood of generating sales. Ways to lower your bounce rate include: 

  • Reordering certain pages to highlight the most popular ones 
  • Increasing your website’s overall speed 
  • Keeping your content fresh and up to date 
  • Reducing advertisements
  • Adding trending or related blogs or articles at the end of your posts 
  • Experiment with different kinds of anchor text to see if they improve website navigation

Enhance Your Website’s Overall Design

Your website’s overall design plays a significant role in web page optimization. Therefore, a website should be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly. 

You don’t need your website to be a high-brow art piece. However, if users pull up your site only to confront clashing colors, hard-to-read text, clip art, etc., they’ll likely close the page.

Upgrade Your Website’s Code

The internet operates thanks to thousands of algorithms and codes. Unfortunately, many users, including bloggers, digital marketers, and small companies, don’t consider this. However, the more organized your website’s code is, the easier it is for potential customers to find you.

Showcase Your Credibility

Especially when providing a service like fence repairs, users need to know they can trust your service. So you’ll want to show you can be trusted by: 

  • Always proofreading your content
  • Highlighting positive testimonials, reviews, awards, qualifications, etc
  • Including an about page where you can personalize your business and brand
  • Remaining active on social media platforms
  • Having your domain include HTTPS

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