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How Important Is a Social Media Test in Your Fence Company’s Marketing Strategy?


Testing your SEO is one of the most important methods to practice in digital marketing. A social media test can mean the difference between successful and wasteful content. For home services, like a fence company, utilizing relevant and attractive social media is key to boosting online traffic.

Don’t spend hours writing content that no one will read. Instead, understand your market and the content that works for the search engine. Fence Marketing Pros can explain the importance of completing a quality social media test for your fence company.

Social Media and Your Business

Social media is an integral part of the digital marketing process. For home services, social media gives customers a more intimate experience browsing products and services. Some businesses choose to use these platforms as their main line of communication between them and their customers.

More companies utilize the power of social media every year. Working through third-party platforms can be tricky. Still, profile owners have more control over visitor experiences than they may realize.

The best way to take advantage of this control is by testing how your company creates and posts social media content.

Using the proper social media skills helps you directly engage with your market and encourages them to engage back. This benefit can result in more traffic, better brand recognition, and higher company reviews. 5-star ratings can help with SEO, so try to get the most traffic from your social media to increase your testimonials and reviews.

What Is Social Media Testing?

Social media testing is a method that content marketers use to compare and select practical elements of their posts for SEO. Generally, social media testing is an ongoing process that helps individual businesses find what works for them. Content creators find solutions based on metrics-driven results.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a side-by-side comparison of a variable between two different content types. Content marketers produce two similar kinds of content and measure the performance of each post. Let’s use email marketing as a simple parallel example.

A content creator may draft two similar emails. The body content of the two emails may be the same, but the subject lines are different. Marketers can analyze the open rates of both emails to see which subject line leads to more opens.

A/B tests are the most common form of social media testing. Most people test CTA’s, images, tone, and other specific elements on the page.

Split Testing

A split test differs from A/B testing in that it observes broader elements of your social media. For example, choosing which social media layout retains longer page visits or which sponsored tweet companies will feature on their profile.

Split testing is an excellent way to follow your visitors’ behavior as they spend time on the page. You can come to valid conclusions about how you will approach your layouts and design. You can also observe which type of content is more appealing to your followers.

Multivariable Testing

This social media test is a bit more extensive than the other two. While A/B and split testing measure variable results side-by-side, multivariable testing focuses on multiple choices. This method is excellent for establishing some of the following:

  • What language to use
  • How to structure content and layout
  • Deciding the best call-to-action
  • Creating a flow for visitors

Multivariable testing means that you will run several tests of similar content, so be sure to focus on the details. Many factors can change the results of these tests. Expect to spend more time analyzing metrics for this strategy.

Considerations for Social Media Testing

Save time and money by approaching your social media test correctly. Business owners use this strategy to find the right solutions to enhance online visibility and customer experience.

Your Goal

What do you want to achieve with social media testing? Social media is helpful for many business-to-customer interactions, so pick the right one for your business. Here are some goals that social media testing can help you track:

  • CTA engagement
  • Content that leads to more pages follows
  • Content that leads to more post engagement (likes, shares, comments)
  • A layout that encourages more time spent on the page
  • Content that directs visitors to blogs or website
  • Social media that reinforces brand recognition and voice

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is Business 101; social media is no exception. Map the analytics of your social media engagement and determine the audience you are reaching. You may consider only minor changes to your current format if you are succeeding with your target market.

If your business is not reaching your target market, consider making more extensive changes and completing a social media test. This strategy is great for gauging what your audience wants as well. You can easily engage your audience by using social media, which can also significantly improve your overall SEO.

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Keep Track of Your Results

Continue to monitor your performance after every test. Results are likely to change often, sometimes due to market changes or social trends.

You may find that results are entirely different from your initial expectations. This occurrence is normal. Stay attentive to your analytics and continue measuring variables.

Get Help with Your Social Media Campaign Today

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