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The Importance of SEO Competitor Analysis for Your Fence Business


Do you have your finger on the pulse of your competitors in the fence construction industry? If not, you’ve found your next marketing challenge. Competitor SEO analysis dives into how your competitors use various digital resources to elevate their presence on search engines. 

If you don’t know your competitors’ methods, you could lose potential customers to them. As marketing experts in fence company SEO, the team at Fence Marketing Pros elaborates on what a competitor analysis does and how to use it. Discover the details below. 

What Is an SEO Competitor Analysis?

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy takes notes from industry competitors. When you analyze your competitors’ SEO strategy, you learn more about the following:

  • What earns potential customers’ attention
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to use keywords and phrases within your website content and structure 

You can even narrow down your analysis focus to competitors within your state, region, or city. Find successful keyword research tactics to boost your online presence while avoiding the ones that don’t work as well. Chances are that a company in your industry already has a blueprint you can use. 

How Does an Analysis Help Fence Companies?

Search engine optimization involves using various keywords to improve your search engine rankings. When a potential customer opens a search engine tab, they might type the following phrases to identify fencing services that match their needs:

  • Vinyl fence installation services near me
  • Wooden fence builders in my area
  • Fence installation in City, State
  • Fencing services near City
  • Best-rated fence company near me

A fence business with a strong SEO strategy will implement these keywords and phrases sporadically throughout its website’s text elements, including service descriptions, blog posts, and site links. 

When you implement the phrases about your service area, you meet your customers where they are right now: on the search tab opened on their device. If your business shows up at the top of the first result page, it’ll attract more new customers with each search. 

Conducting a Competitor Analysis

When conducting an SEO competitor analysis, use the following guide to assist your efforts and uncover productive findings:  

  1. Narrow down what you want to improve. Although you eventually want to tackle your whole website, start with the product or service pages that perform the worst. 
  2. Identify and track 10 competitors. Five fence companies should have service pages that directly align with your targets. For example, choose a company that sells the same vinyl fence installation services as you. The other five companies should have product or service pages that fall into the same category without mirroring your offerings.  
  3. Explore your competitors’ digital footprints. Examine how each competitor lays out a webpage. Look for potential keywords within the text and URLs. Search other keywords in various search engines to see if the company shows in the results. 
  4. Document the keywords they use and which keywords make them appear in searches. Create a spreadsheet or document listing each keyword you identify. Indicate whether the company appears in your search results after using the search term. You can identify broad phrases vs. highly targeted ones. 
  5. Compare their website content with yours. Learn how to improve your website from your competitors. Avoid any mistakes you identify, and fix all issues with your own online presence. 
  6. Log your changes and how they influence your results. After implementing new keywords and phrases, changing your layout, and editing your URLs and headings, sit back and see whether your page performance improves. 

Crafting a Local SEO Strategy

When executing your competitor analysis, you should assess fence companies located as close to your service area as possible. As the owner of a fencing business, you likely target a specific region of customers. Therefore, you should rely on the local SEO keywords used in your service area. 

Local SEO means implementing search phrases for a specific area, like a state, city, or county, into a fence business’s website content. Examples of local search phrases include:

  • Fencing services in City, State
  • Wooden fence builders in City, State
  • Chainlink fence repair company in County
  • How to find a fence installer in City, State

Both long and short-tail keywords can improve your company’s search ranking within your service area. You can use them to attract local customers who are already seeking your services. 

How Competitor Analysis Influences Your Strategy

In addition to providing insight about keywords and how to use them, your competitors can also influence the way you set each web page up. When you visit a competitor’s website, view their home and service pages through the eyes of a potential customer. How would you rank your experience?

  • Great: Each page had fast load times. The content demonstrated their services, the processes they use, and what customers can gain from choosing their company. The layout felt intuitive and streamlined. You clicked around multiple times and spent a couple of minutes on the site. 
  • Good: The content gave you a general idea about what fencing materials and services the company offers, but nothing very in-depth. Only a few elements, like images and videos, grabbed your attention. You spent a minute or less on the site, exploring only a few pages.   
  • Mediocre: The content provided minimal information with only bare-bones descriptions. The layout seemed messy and hard to follow.
  • Bad: The website took a while to load. It didn’t translate well to numerous devices. The information in the content seemed scattered and disorganized with lots of fluff. 

Mimic competitor websites that provided a good to great experience. Use branded elements like catchphrases, logos, and personalized images to make each page reflect your fence business. If you catch issues with mediocre to bad websites on your business site, find solutions to remedy these problems. You’ll craft an excellent experience for customers that also helps you rank better in search engines.

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