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The Importance of Website Conversion Rate For Your Fence Company

For any fence company, the website conversion rate is the most important measurement of digital marketing success. Conversion rates measure all activities, from sales to free quote requests. You can learn valuable customer insight from this information to sculpt your marketing strategies and more.

Understanding all that affects the web conversion rate can be challenging despite being necessary for your fence business’s success. Learn about the role of keywords in SEO by Fence Marketing Pros, then call (888) 622-2964 to receive expert information and high-quality fence marketing assistance.

Understanding Website Conversion Rates

Website conversion is a way to translate business-related measurements into steps you can take to improve your products, services, and overall customer experience. Conversion focuses on what happens before the final outcome. By enhancing the user experience, you can achieve higher conversion rates for different actions.

The average conversion rate measures how successful your company is at getting website visitors to perform specific actions. Different conversion rates report data from: 

  • Sales
  • Page visits
  • Email newsletter signups
  • Social media follows
  • Other actions

To understand website conversion rates, you first must understand your website’s users. By understanding your site’s users and their experience when purchasing fence services or reading about your company, you can significantly boost your conversion rates. You’ll know which areas to improve and which are already successful.

Reasons Why Your Website Conversion Rate Is So Important

There are many reasons why your fence company’s web conversion rate is so vital to its success. A website conversion rate:

  • Can help predict your fence business’s success
  • Helps you understand your customers
  • Can help you save money
  • Helps you understand visitors’ user experience
  • Can improve your website overall

Your website conversion rate gives a data-based analysis of your fence company’s campaigns, website development, user experience, your success with products and services, and more. Using this information can help you learn where you need to improve your campaign. Lower conversion rates hint where you need improvements.

Higher conversion rates mean you’ll see more results from fewer actions, meaning you don’t have to spend money on more ads and can allot funds to improve weaker areas of your marketing strategy. Companies with small budgets can save money while increasing sales.

Focusing on improving conversion rates will reflect on your website. As you discover successful ways to improve conversion rates, you will also enhance your site’s value. Combined with an effective funnel, you can convert visitors from all traffic sources. 

With a streamlined campaign that consistently results in high conversion rates, your fence company will see more loyal customers returning for installations and more. You’ll reap the benefits, and so will they.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The process your fence company takes to improve a website conversion rate is called conversion rate optimization, or CRO. You can use Google Analytics to gain insight into your website’s conversion rates.

After learning where you need to improve your strategy, CRO is the next step. Your team should look for ways to improve elements with low conversion rates during the CRO process.

After determining potentially successful strategies for improving weaker website elements or calls to action, marketers will perform A/B testing. Successful methods will garner higher conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimization is essential because it allows your company to get value from customers’ website interaction while providing value that could increase your sales funnel. Optimizing your conversion rate increases your sales and makes it easier to expand your business. 

Your fence company’s measurements of success depend on your goals. Fence companies’ metrics may include fence sales, the number of installations, the number of emergency repair calls, the number of website visitors, or other metrics. 

Calculating and Improving the Website Conversion Rate

A website conversion rate depends on your industry, audience demographic, and conversion goals. This may vary depending on your specific niche and could range from 2% to nearly 10% in the fence industry. Determining a reasonable website conversion rate requires some calculation.

To calculate your website’s conversion rate, divide the number of conversions by the number of website visitors. Multiply that number by 100 to get the final percentage. You can compare your conversion rate to industry averages to get an idea of your current strategy’s success.

Improving Your Website Conversion Rate

Conversion rate improvements can vary drastically. You may significantly improve your conversion rate by changing your website’s colors, adding extra calls to action, or using easy-to-read font. 

Oppositely, making improper changes could reduce your website conversion rate. This is why it’s so necessary to learn about your visitors and target audience before making changes. To improve conversions, your fence company should:

  • Learn about what your visitors care about and what makes them visit your website
  • Determine what is preventing customers from converting
  • Discover what makes your website visitors request service or complete a purchase

Companies can supercharge their website conversion rate by utilizing SEO on local and international platforms. You can implement surveys on your website or ask visitors their thoughts on your website through social media. Read more about local SEO to get valuable insight.

Learn More About Improving Your Fence Company’s Conversion Rates and More

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