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What Are Google Ad Extensions for Fence Companies?

what are google ad extensions

What are Google ad extensions? How can these extensions (known as Google Assets) aid businesses like fence companies? Read on for answers and some of the best fence advertising guidance in the industry from Fence Marketing Pros.

What Are Google Ad Extensions?

Why are fence companies and many others now turning to Google Ads? You may already know that Google Ads is one of the best channels to attract potential clients via well-placed advertising efforts. Still, with the fence niche as competitive as it is and fence companies exploring ways to get their ads noticed, they’ve landed on a solution–ad extensions.

You may have seen app extensions, which add a bunch of extra capabilities for apps to execute. Ad extensions work in the same way. For example, Google Ads extensions may allow you to add extra information about your business into the main body of an ad (usually, a pay-per-click text advertisement).

So, with just the right extensions, any fencing company can bulk up what people are seeing in their online marketing material. It could provide a lot more information to prospective clients who are viewing your ads on a search engine results page.

The Benefits of Using Google Ads Extensions for Fence Companies

Is your fence company wanting to show potential customers a little more than current ads allow? You’ll want to look into the following benefits of Google Ads extensions: 

More Information for Fencing Customers

Nobody wants just anybody putting up and repairing their fenceline. Potential clients may want to see some very specific information about your fence installation or repair business before they click on your ad. 

What’s your exact address? Which fence materials do you work with? Ad extensions mean you can provide all of that information and more without eating up Standard Ad text space or wasting characters. They even save you the hassle of copying and pasting the information across for each new campaign.

More SERP Real-Estate

The struggle for eyeballs on the search engine results page is real. Can you get more people looking at your fence service ads? You can if your ads could take up more space.

Google allows up to four extensions in an ad. Technically, this could make your ad look bigger, more attractive, or more impactful than those containing just a line or keywords.

More Qualified Leads

Google Ads extensions allow you to provide more information upfront. The people clicking on your fence installation or repair ad already believe your company has what they need. 

Those who think otherwise will ignore your ad and move on, saving you a lot of effort.

Improved Ad Rank

Ad extensions don’t affect your Ad Strength metric directly. However, it could significantly impact click-through rate, which Google considers in Ad Rank.

If your ad scores high enough in other Ad Rank metrics, like relevance and landing page experience, ad extensions may improve your position.

Lower Cost-Per-Click

Has an ad extension raised your Ad Rank? Higher click-through rates mean a better quality score, and that helps lower your cost-per-click.

Thanks to ad extensions, you’ll then be spending less on effective PPC strategies.

What Are Google Ads Extensions Every Fence Company Should Be Using?

So, what are Google ad extensions suited to the world of fencing?

Location Extensions

Is your fence company interested in landing more local customers? It’s helpful when the bulk of your customers are people living in the same town or city as your business. With location extensions, you can display your business address within the ad so people see at a glance that you’re nearby.

Clicking on the address will take the potential customer directly to Google Maps. That way, they can immediately find their way to your business premises.

Call Extensions

Let’s be realistic; most searches for fencing material or installation will be on a mobile device. Call extensions add a clickable phone number to your ad, encouraging immediate action from anyone who wants to call your business straight off the search page.

For fence companies, call extensions can significantly accelerate inquiries and scheduling.

Sitelink Extensions

 The focal point of the ad may be a main landing page you’ve set up. Sitelink extensions allow additional links to other pages, such as your fence maintenance packages. You might highlight key offerings, such as Residential Fences, Gates, or Commercial Chain Link.

You can even use these links to direct your potential customers to other informative resources, such as your completed fence projects gallery or FAQs page. If you want to increase the value you’re extending to prospective clients and give them more channels to explore your services, sitelink extensions will get you there.

Callout Extensions

What are Google ad extensions good for if you can’t customize what they’re telling people about your company’s amazing service or fence replacement options? With callout extensions, you can include short snippets to do just that.

These bits of text in your search ad highlight key benefits like: 

  • “Quick Turnaround”
  • “Free Estimates”
  • “Durable Materials”
  • “Custom Designs”

Extensions like this give your fence company more text space to win people over.

Structured Snippet Extensions

Structured snippet extensions resemble callout extensions but in specific product or service categories. 

For example, as a fence company, you can use structured snippet extensions to showcase fence materials–like wood, vinyl, and chain-link. You could also highlight services like installation, repair, and staining. Users see at a glance if you have the service they want.

Price Extensions

Informative price extensions might show off the competitiveness of your pricing with descriptions like:

  • “New installations starting at $X”
  • “Per Linear Foot Pricing”
  • “Free Inspections”

Price-conscious prospects always appreciate clarity. Isn’t it easier to trust a service provider if you know what to expect from their pricing before they even click through to your page?

Image Extensions

Images are powerful tools—in magazines and in the fight for ad prominence. 

One great image of a completed fence project included in your ad might significantly improve your CTR.

Get Expert Guidance on Google Ads Extensions

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