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What Are Social Signals in Fence SEO?

what are social signals

Making your fence company rank on search engines means paying attention to various facets that all fit into a complex digital web. The concept of social signals inspires lots of debate among marketers within numerous industries, including fence construction. What are social signals, and how do they influence your digital presence? 

Fence Marketing Pros prides itself on developing SEO for fence company owners like yourself. Its skilled marketing team offers informative insights into the influence of social signals below. 

Understanding Social Signals 

If you created social media accounts under your fence company’s name, you’ve shared social media posts with the audience following those profiles. When a post garners comments, shares, and likes, it collects social signals. Social signals translate into metrics that inform you about who interacts with your content and how well the content performs. 

Social signals also indicate the prevalence of your fence company’s social media presence. When you first create a profile, you start with no followers or page likes. As you continue posting, you’ll earn a larger following from people interested in your fence services. This following elicits more trust in subsequent page followers, helping your fence service brand appear established and credible.  

What Are Social Signals’ Significance in SEO?

The social signals you earn from profile engagement heavily influence your success and reach on pertinent social media platforms. When you publish informative posts, you’ll increase your engagement on each subsequent piece of content with the right strategy. Followers might also navigate to your website, resulting in more site traffic as well. 

But how do social signals influence your search engine optimization? A Search Engine Land article by Kristi Hines explored how social signals impact Google ranking. While Hines determined that these signals won’t necessarily improve your search ranking, she also suggests that they significantly influence new audience members’ perception of your brand. 

Therefore, Google doesn’t directly determine your ranking because of your fence brand’s social signals. However, your profile and its statistics should show up alongside your website in relevant engine searchers. The number of profile likes and engagement metrics help establish trust with visitors. 

Additionally, Search Engine Journal contributor Aleh Barysevich found that Bing’s search engine does use social signals as an influential ranking factor. Therefore, even though they may not significantly impact your company’s Google ranking, other search engines may use them to determine your position on a result page.  

Improve Social Signals

What are social signals? You now know that they are engagement metrics on social media. Explore how you can boost your social signals and SEO performance together. 

#1. Social Profile Optimization

First, ensure your fence company’s profiles contain as much relevant information as possible. Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and other platforms typically involve the following elements:

  • Profile image
  • Background image
  • Profile name
  • Brief biography 
  • Website link

Ensure each element accurately reflects your brand to make your presence uniform. The elements required for each platform may vary. For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn have more profile sections than X or Instagram. Complete each section accordingly. 

#2. Establish a Content Schedule

Your marketing strategy should involve routine posts to each platform. You don’t have to post daily across all profiles to develop your audience. Each site has different user influxes based on its purpose. 

Find out the best days and timeframes to post to each platform. Craft unique, informative content with branded images and relevant copy. Choose a content management tool to schedule your posts weekly. 

#3. Add Links to Each Post

Your posts should always link back to your website, in addition to containing engaging copy and visual media. You can include the link as a part of your posts’ calls to action. Invite viewers to request a fence service estimate or discuss their fence repairs by clicking the link. You’ll increase your website traffic as a result. 

#4. Stay Consistent 

Once you’ve established an engaged audience, you can’t afford to slack on your content schedule! Keep things moving forward. Otherwise, your social signals will quickly drop.

Juggling business management with marketing efforts can become challenging. Hiring a marketing service with experience in your industry, like Fence Marketing Pros, can take some to-dos off your growing list.

#5. Let Your Following Converse With Your Fence-Building Brand

Followers love it when their favorite brands engage with them on their preferred platforms. It encourages them to engage further while inviting newcomers to join the conversation. Replying to comments and reviews on your profiles is a surefire way to increase your social signals. 

Check for comments with questions or concerns. Post clever, friendly quips to establish a unique, fun brand identity. Create an open, knowledgeable brand personality that entices your following to participate in the comment section of each post.   

Use Caution

While increasing your social signals can improve your website ranking on various search engines, it also has its limits. You should follow a few basic rules when crafting your fence company’s social media presence. Use caution when:

  • Choosing your platforms: You don’t need a profile on every social media platform. Many sites won’t fit your company’s purpose, and publishing content on them will waste your resources with no return. 
  • Optimizing the profiles: Using hashtags and keywords in bios or headlines can help your audience find you. However, your content should read naturally and appeal to a human audience first and foremost. 
  • Sharing content from other pages: Sharing posts from other creators is an easy way to collect social signals. Ensure the pages from whom you share posts provide credible, accurate information. Otherwise, you could damage your reputation. 
  • Developing branded content: Avoid sounding too “salesy” in your posts. Your content should supply valuable information with a brief CTA, more often than not. Show — don’t tell — your audience why they should choose your fence company. 
  • Garnering an audience: Some business owners feel tempted to purchase followers. Don’t do this. Platform and search engine algorithms view fast-paced growth with suspicion. 

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