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What Is a Good Bounce Rate for Your Fence Company Website?

What is a Good Bounce Rate

Fence companies depend on engaging websites to promote their services and increase conversions. Unfortunately, many contractors suffer from high bounce rates that cost them leads.

Fencing contractors often wonder, “What is a good bounce rate?”

Specialists from Fence Marketing Pros explain the ins and outs of managing bounce rates. They also provide web optimization tips for fence company professionals to improve user traction and enhance overall website performance in the search engine.

What Are Web Page Bounce Rates?

Click tracking is a metric for monitoring the interactions of users on your website, blog posts, and social media. When a user visits your website, Google Analytics tracks their activity. Additionally, Google tracks when users do not engage with any elements on your web page and exit the URL immediately.

Digital marketing specialists refer to this early exit as a bounce. Marketing specialists can calculate your bounce rate by dividing the number of users who leave your website right away by the total number of visitors your website receives. 

Your bounce rate may not seem that important to your daily operations, but it has far-reaching consequences for the success of your fence company. Bounce rate can impact the following:

  • Your potential leads
  • Your brand reputation
  • Your marketing ROI
  • And more

Bounce vs. Exit

Bounce rates differ from exit rates which measure the number of users who leave a domain after visiting several pages on your website.

Suppose you have a user who clicks on one of your blogs. They read the content for a few minutes and then click an internal link to another blog. After reading, they end their session.

This action does not count as a bounce because the user spent time navigating your resources.

In this scenario, a bounce would only register if they clicked on the blog and immediately exited without further action. 

A Good Bounce Rate for Fence Companies

You may wonder, “What is a good bounce rate for a fence company?” The answer may not be as simple as you expect. 

Average bounce rates vary from industry to industry. For example, real estate websites experience bounce rates of around 40%, while travel sites sometimes experience as high as 80%.

Most fence companies have bounce rates between 25% and 70%. Therefore, a good bounce rate for your company would be 25% or lower.

Still, achieving a bounce rate of 10% to 15% is possible if you structure your content correctly — more on this topic later.

How Bounce Rate Impacts Google Ranking

On-page optimization, website speed, and quality content are all factors that Google monitors for ranking purposes. 

However, despite them being crucial to the user experience of your website, Google does not track bounce rates for scoring.

Instead, Google provides these metrics so you can gauge your visitors’ interactions with your website and make adjustments where needed. 

How To Find Bounce Rate

Finding your website bounce rate with Google Analytics is quick and easy. First, log in to your administrator profile and click on the “Reports” button on the left side of the screen. Then, navigate to the screens report.

Click “Customize” at the top right of the page and scroll down to the “Metrics” subcategory.

The program will ask you to add a metric. Select “Bounce rate” and apply changes.

The analytics dashboard will outline key data, such as:

  • Total sessions
  • The average percentage of new sessions
  • New users
  • Website bounce rate average
  • Bounce rate percentage per page
  • Session duration per page

You can interpret this information to determine which pages underperform and inject engaging content where needed.

Reducing Bounce Rate

Now that you have an answer to the question “What is a good bounce rate?” it’s time to reduce your website’s bounce percentage. Don’t worry — reducing your bounce rate could be as simple as making a few changes to your website design and content. 

Your first priority should be to optimize the loading speed of your website. It can be frustrating for users to sit and wait for your website to load in the middle of their browsing experience. Some may only wait a few seconds before ending the session.

A digital marketing team can audit your fence company’s website to identify problems that slow down your site.

It’s also a good idea to revisit your website’s design and formatting. Nearly three-quarters of middle-income adults exclusively shop online using their smartphones or mobile devices. Hence, optimizing your website for mobile is essential for reducing bounce rates.

Lastly, creating relevant content, linking to additional resources, and improving user navigation encourages visitors to spend more time on your pages. These fixes could elevate your click-through and conversion rates.

Monitoring Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is unlikely to change overnight. Sometimes, it takes weeks or even months for implemented changes to show results. Still, you should routinely check up on your bounce rate metrics. 

Website updates, market demand changes, and improvements in your Google ranking could cause your bounce rate to fluctuate. 

Users who find your fencing website through an organic search may want to explore more information about your niche. If you are confident about your website’s overall bounce rate, try reducing the bounce rates on other resources, like blog posts or social media pages. Poor content in these areas may cause users to lose interest, leading to higher bounce or exit rates.

You may worry if you start to experience high bounce rates again, despite your website performing well in almost every area. In this case, you could create a website survey and send it to current clients on your mailing list. Ask them questions like:

  • How would you rate this website?
  • What would you like the company to offer on this website?
  • What can this company do to accommodate your needs online?
  • How did you find this website? 

The answers to these questions may help you decide which changes are necessary to promote better engagement.

The Problem With Ignoring High Bounce Rates

What is a good bounce rate if not an indicator of your fence company’s online success? 

Ignoring your bounce rate could create significant headaches for your business down the line. At the end of the day, marketing aims to convert users into customers through several online pathways. Unfortunately, high bounce rates can reduce the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy across many channels. 

For example, suppose you hire a content writer who produces thousands of words a day for your fence company’s social media profile. This material may encourage users to visit your website. However, if your website’s design, optimization, or content does not reflect the quality of the social media, they may turn away.

This problem could cost you money and hinder your ability to grow as a business. 

Fence Marketing Pros Is Here To Help

As a fencing contractor, you likely spend hours of your day managing inventory, finances, and face-to-face customer interactions. Devoting your time or workforce to monitoring website performance can seem like a hassle. Nevertheless, keeping up with your business website is crucial for competing in the modern market.

Fortunately, managing your bounce rate doesn’t need to be a challenge. Experienced digital marketing consultants from Fence Marketing Pros can help optimize your website for the best results.

You can boost the online visibility of your fence company by hiring these specialists for SEO, custom landing pages, website functionality, and more.

Are you still wondering, “What is a good bounce rate for my fence company?” Contact Fence Marketing Pros for a comprehensive consultation. 


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