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What Is a Good Domain Rating for Your Fence Website?

what is a good domain rating

The competition for fence contractors is stiff since consumers throughout the country have lots of options for fence installation, repair, and other related services. One way businesses get ahead of competitors is by having a great ranking on Google search engine results pages. Domain authority plays a major role in SERP rankings, but what is a good domain rating?

As experts in fence company SEO, Fence Marketing Pros understands the importance of evaluating domain authority ratings to improve online visibility and stand above the competition. Below, their team outlines everything you need to know about having a good domain rating for your fence business.

What You Should Know About Evaluating Domain Authority Rankings

Before determining a high domain rating, you must know what a domain rating is. A domain rating is a respected metric by Ahrefs that explores how strong a website’s backlink profile is on a scale of zero to 100.

Conversely, domain authority reflects how well a website could rank on SERPs on a scale of one to 100. Moz created domain authority to predict a website’s performance and possible Google rankings.

So what is a good domain rating to aim for your fence company? In general terms, average ratings are between 40 and 50, while ratings of 50 to 60 are considered good. Anything above 60 is excellent.

Here are more details about the significance of domain rating scores and how you can improve them.

The Importance of Domain Rating for SEO

Search engine optimization uses multiple tactics and techniques to organically improve online visibility and Google Rankings over time. One of those methods is backlinking, which means to link one website to another. Domain ratings can help you understand which backlinks could benefit your fence company more and boost its credibility with the Google algorithm. 

When you incorporate backlinks into your fence business’s SEO strategy, you show Google’s algorithm that your website is an authority in its niche. Quality SEO backlinks can improve your Google rankings because the search engine views them as a type of endorsement or recommendation from one website to another regarding a relevant topic.

Consider the possibility of backlinking your business’s website to an industry authority’s site with a 40 rating or another site with an 80 rating. Ideally, you’ll want to create the link with the website that likely has the most value and could yield the most web traffic. As such, the website with the 80 rating is the better option.

By knowing what is a good domain rating and what’s considered bad, you can make better choices for backlinking in your SEO strategy. The stronger your links, the more SEO can increase your Google rankings. 

Understanding Domain Rating Metrics

Domain ratings focus solely on the quality and quantity of backlinks on websites. However, they also use metrics like overall website traffic and engagement to determine the quality of a backlinking profile. 

The metrics for domain ratings are similar to those for domain authority. With domain authority, the number of links and the credibility and authority of the linked site are highly important. Yet, the information on the web page is an indirect criterion; the content surrounding the backlinks must be top-notch for web visitors and Google’s algorithm to consider you an authority in the fencing industry.

Domain authority also considers how many competitors you have in your industry or niche. Your score will reflect how much more authoritative your business’s website is in comparison to your competitors.

Calculating Domain Ratings

When calculating domain rakings, Ahrefs uses a technique that includes the following steps:

  • They look for all relevant domains with at least one followed link to their target domain.
  • They research how many other links exist between each linking domain.
  • They calculate the target domain’s rating by dividing the rating of the linking domain by how many unique domains it links to.

That’s the basics of how Ahrefs calculates domain ratings for websites. When determining domain ratings, Ahrefts doesn’t account for backlink spam, domain age, parent brand popularity, or a website’s search traffic.

Something to remember is that if you link to a reputable website that gets a ratings boost, your domain rating may also increase. However, your rating may decrease over time if a website you link to starts linking out to numerous new websites because the added links might not be as credible as the initial link. Your domain rating won’t increase or decrease if you create a backlink with a “no follow” tag.

Tips for Improving Your Domain Scores

When benchmarking domain rating values, you might discover that your fence company’s domain rating and authority are less than what you expected. By optimizing your website in specific ways, you can see a dramatic impact on both domain authority and rating. 

Here are several tips on boosting domain scores:

  • Evaluate Your Website’s Responsiveness: A fully responsive website will work the same way on any device including tablets and smartphones. Since site responsiveness is one of Google’s top ranking factors, you should test your website to ensure responsiveness across all mediums.
  • Get Guest Posts: Guest posts are an excellent way to get backlinks with authoritative companies in your niche. It helps to partner with another company to share expertise and generate backlinks that can enhance your brand’s credibility and reputation.
  • Include More Backlinks: Getting more backlinks doesn’t mean you should simply link to many companies, brands, and authority figures. Quality backlinks come from mentions and partnerships with companies in your industry and should occur naturally in your content.

Improve Your Fence Company’s Domain Rating with Fence Marketing Pros

If you’re wondering, “What is a good domain rating?” or how to increase the domain authority for your fence business, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the team at Fence Marketing Pros is here to help. 

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