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What Is Facebook Insights and Why Should It Matter to Your Fence Company?

Why Facebook Insight Matters

Social media analytics are fundamental to the success of a fence company. Leading platforms like Facebook provide a convenient dashboard feature — called Facebook Insights — that allows businesses to monitor their posts and engagement. However, many fence contractors ask, “What is Facebook Insights, and how should a fencing company use it?”

Fence Marketing Pros specializes in Facebook marketing for fence company professionals. These experts discuss key features of the Insights tool and how to interpret data.

What Is Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights is an intuitive user management resource that allows you to track post performance, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement reach, and competing fence company profiles. Some of the data Facebook collects includes:

  • Follower demographics
  • Psychographics (behaviors and characteristics of users engaging with posts)
  • Top-ranking posts
  • Promotional performance

The Insights dashboard is free to use and available once your business page achieves 100 followers. 

Facebook Insights allows you to export key metrics collected by its algorithm. You can do this by clicking on the “Export Data” button on the “Page Summary” tab of the dashboard. Facebook lets you choose the type of data you want to pull (page, post, or video content) and select formatting options (spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.).

The Importance of Using Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights can offer your fence company several benefits. First, it helps you identify the best time to post during the day. Many companies waste time and money creating content that users never see because they post when their followers are least active on the website. 

The dashboard also helps you determine if your target market is consistent with the demographics of your existing followers. This advantage can help you decide if changes to your content are necessary to accommodate your ideal clients’ needs — promoting higher engagement and customer retention.

Reach is a crucial metric to examine as a local fence business. Facebook Insights shows you in which groups and pages your content performs well. It also tells you the general geographic location of where people view your posts.

This information can help you target new locations or create content that appeals more to your local audience. 

Lastly, these analytics tools are necessary because they indicate how well your content stacks up against your competition. With this knowledge, you may be able to identify elements in your content that are attractive or off-putting to your industry-specific clientele.

Page Insights vs. Audience Insights

Facebook separates content metrics into two categories: Page insights and audience analytics. You may wonder, “What is Facebook Insights for audiences?” 

Facebook audience insights are practical for extracting data that helps you market to a broader user base with advertisements. These insights may or may not impact users in your target market. Nevertheless, audience insights could be useful if you want to run extensive ad campaigns for multiple client personas.

Facebook page insights illustrate how followers interact with your content through organic posts on your business profile.

How To Find Facebook Insights

Facebook’s parent company Meta has a large workforce dedicated to making the platform as user-friendly as possible. Consequently, finding the Facebook Insights page is fast and easy.

First, log in to your Facebook business profile. On the left side of your screen, you should see a toolbar titled “Manage Page.” You should also see the “Insights” tab several subcategories below the title.

Click on the tab to view the “Page Summary” of Facebook Insights. Default settings allow you to view post performance from the last week. You can change the settings to include metrics from the past month or narrow it to the past 24 hours, depending on the data you want to examine.

You can view your newest posts at the bottom of this page. Facebook organizes data on the right side of the screen and provides an option to boost individual posts for a fee.

You can explore the “Pages to Watch” section that shows you potential competitors and your engagement comparisons. View this data in more detail by clicking through subcategories (page views, events, actions on page, etc.) in the toolbar.

Analyzing Facebook Insights 

What is Facebook Insights, if not the most effective way to track raw data in real time? Still, these metrics mean nothing for your fence company if you are unable to translate them into meaningful action.

To accurately analyze Facebook Insights, you will need:

  • A sizable page following
  • Multiple posts to compare and contrast
  • Data exports to Excel or CSV documents
  • An experienced marketing team to interpret data
  • A willingness to change your posting strategy

Suppose you have five to ten high-performing blog posts with hundreds of users liking and commenting on them. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What type of content do these articles include (instructional, opinion, general information, etc.)?
  • How do the titles of these articles appeal to the target demographic?
  • How does this type of content stack up against short-form posts or videos?

Interpreting Facebook Insights can help you optimize your reach and encourage your followers to explore additional resources like websites, landing pages, and reviews.

Tracking Followers

Gaining new followers on Facebook can be challenging without the right marketing strategy. Facebook Insights makes it easier by helping you visualize the three types of users interacting with your posts.

The first type of user is an organic follower — someone who follows your company based on the quality of your posts, not advertisements. Higher organic traffic means your page succeeds in SEO and is relevant to your audience.

PPC followers are those you earn through Facebook advertising campaigns. These users are equally beneficial to your bottomline — increasing your conversion rate. However, they do not always reflect the quality of your content outside of paid ads.

The third type of user is someone who unfollows your page for any reason. You may be able to interpret data with Facebook Insights to determine why they unfollowed your page. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Are there patterns in the type of demographic that unfollowed the page?
  • Did a significant number of users unfollow after a particular post?
  • Do more users unfollow during periods of low post activity?
  • Did a user unfollow because of a direct interaction with a team member in the comments section?

Adjusting a Marketing Strategy With Facebook Insights

It might be worth completely restructuring your fence company’s social media presence if you fail to achieve engagement on Facebook. Continue monitoring your Facebook Insights after every post and experiment with different types of content.

You may also need to conduct better sales research on your client persona to ensure that you address the correct pain points or use the right tone to reach your audience. Facebook Insights will help you determine where adjustments are necessary.

Let Fence Marketing Pros Help You

Social media remains an indispensable tool for fence contractors like you. Unfortunately, you may not have the time, workforce, or resources to keep up with insights on your own. Fence Marketing Pros can optimize your online presence without hassle.

These digital marketing specialists have years of experience deploying, monitoring, and improving online resources that help drive traffic toward your business. Whether you need higher engagement on individual posts or want to enhance your fence company’s authoritativeness on Facebook, Fence Marketing Pros can help.

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