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What Is Local SEO? A Guide for Fence Companies

How Does Local SEO Work for fence companies

The United States fencing market had a value of $8.3 billion in 2019, and experts expect continued growth, thanks to the boost in construction throughout the country. With such a competitive market, it can be challenging for small business owners to find their client base among the competition. 

One effective way for fencing companies to increase their clientele is through local SEO. These days, people are more likely to search for local goods and services online. Putting your fencing company in front of potential customers who are more likely to use your services will significantly increase both your online presence and online conversion rates. 

Learn more about local SEO, its benefits, and best practices for small businesses below.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization of a company website for a specific area. For instance, if your fencing company services a particular city, county, or region, the business website should include web pages that target people living in that area. 

The optimization makes it easier for people within your service area to find your website online and procure your services and products. Making a general website that doesn’t include any local intent is not the best way to gain new customers. It’s better to focus on those who are most likely to contact your business and use your services. 

Local SEO tactics are ideal for local businesses with physical addresses, like fencing companies, shops, law offices, and restaurants. 

Benefits of Local SEO

When you optimize your fencing company website according to local SEO practices, your business website will show up on local search results. For instance, search queries like “fencing company in my area” or “fencing near me” will increase the chance of your website showing up on local listings from Google and other search engines. 

Other benefits of using local SEO are:

  1. Stronger online visibility 
  2. More relevant web traffic
  3. Better credibility as an authority in the industry
  4. Increased sales

How Can Local SEO Improve Business?

Google is the primary search engine in the country. By embracing local SEO, you are essentially telling the Google algorithm that your fencing company is in a specific city or region, and you’re targeting clients in that area. 

If your business has a physical address, you can use it to trigger the algorithm in several ways. The first way to get attention from Google is to write content that targets an audience in a specific city. It also helps to include details about your business on your web pages, including the telephone number, physical address, and service areas.

Second, you need a Google My Business account. Close to a third of the consumers in the country use online searches to find local listings. Having a Google My Business listing is essential for small businesses because it will pop up in local searches and Google Maps. It will also increase the searcher’s likelihood of paying for the services they’re actively seeking.

Other ways to drive traffic to your fencing business through local SEO include:

  • Having an effective local social media strategy 
  • Using local citations or directory listings with your business name, address, and phone number
  • Collecting customer reviews on your Google My Business page to improve your Google ranking

How Does the Google Algorithm Work?

Google uses a complex algorithm to display search results based on relevance. The algorithm for local searches is slightly different from a general query because it takes more information into account to produce accurate results.

The three aspects of the Google local algorithm are:

  1. Relevance: The businesses in the search result should be relevant to the query.
  2. Prominence: The businesses on the search results page should be reputable and have a robust online presence to prove credibility.
  3. Proximity: The businesses should be close to the searcher’s geographical area.  

Using local SEO, you can position your fencing company to be a trusted industry leader for your area. The more local citations, localized content, local links, and localized client reviews you have, the higher the ranking your business will have on Google. And a high ranking means better online visibility. 

What Types of Local Content Improves Rankings?

All content can enhance your online presence, but certain types work best for local SEO optimization. 

City-Specific Landing Pages

A landing page is a single web page that includes details about your fencing business for your company’s marketing campaigns. It’s the page a potential customer will land on when they click an email link or Google ad. 

If your fencing business has multiple locations or serves more than one area, make landing pages for each city. No matter what city someone includes in their online search, the corresponding landing page will show up on the results page if it’s within your region.

FAQ Pages

FAQ or frequently asked questions are highly informative and deliver relevant content. Google favors websites that contain plenty of easily consumable information, which an FAQ page will provide.

You can optimize your FAQ page and improve your Google ranking by providing accurate and concise answers to relevant questions about fencing, fencing materials, construction, local permits, the company’s customer service, and more. Structure your data to be physically appealing enough to show up as a snippet at the top of a search engine results page.

Blog Posts

Position yourself as a credible fencing company and industry leader with localized blog content. Having active blogs will improve your business’s online rankings. The content must be well-written and have local keywords or terms that will trigger the Google algorithm to boost your ranking for local searches. 

Keyword research is vital before publishing any content on your website, whether it’s a blog or landing page. It will help you know which terms people use in queries relevant to your business. The research also:

  • Helps you develop content that focuses on searchable phrases
  • Exposes you to more markets, products, and services
  • Shows you other ways to target audiences 

Improve Your Fencing Company’s Local SEO and Boost Your Online Presence

Fence company SEO may seem daunting, but it’s essential for small business owners who want to continue building their client base. Thankfully, the Fence Marketing Pros are here to assist you. As the top marketing firm for fencing contractors, they have proven tools and strategies to boost business leads, sales, and profitability, so call 888-565-2744 today for a consultation.

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