Fence Marketing Pros
our step by step process

A Fence Marketing Program That Helps You Book More Jobs!

As the #1 Marketing agency for fence contractors, our team offers a proven digital marketing and lead generation process that will increase leads, sales, revenue growth, and enhance profitability for your fence company.

Step 1:

We Take Over Your Website

step 1

Your online presence is a vehicle for success, and your website is the engine. You won’t get far or bring in the business your fence company needs with a slow, out-dated website—or worse, no website at all. That’s why the first thing our marketing experts at Fence Marketing Pros do is take over your website to maximize your conversions.


We craft professional, fast-loading, user-friendly sites that adapt effortlessly between devices, ensuring your website ranks well on search engines and your clients want to work with you after viewing your site. It won’t happen overnight, but over time, we’ll put your website to work for you, bringing in leads and boosting your reach.

Step 2:

Lead Capture and Tracking

Step 2

Once we have your website in award-winning shape, we’ll get straight to work, ensuring it’s working, and that means meticulous tracking. But don’t worry, we won’t be taking up any of your valuable time with the technical nitty-gritty—you’ve got fences to build.


Instead, our pros will track every aspect of your marketing campaign, from lead generation to search engine ranking and everything in between, and present you with easy-to-follow weekly and monthly reports. That way, you can see exactly what every advertising dollar you spend buys. You’ll also have access to our innovative all-in-one marketing dashboard, where you can monitor your progress in real-time.

Step 3:

We Execute our SEO Plan

Step 3

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes more than just building an optimized website and letting the leads roll in. You need consistent, quality content and continuous updates to stay current with the latest trends. Our content marketers will keep your fence company relevant with useful blog posts, articles, news, and press releases laser-focused on your customer base. We then distribute and promote that content across the web, on your behalf, in an effort to grow your Domain Authority (DA). 


We are also very different in our approach to SEO. Your website should not be built and then forgotten. We constantly optimize your website by creating additional pages within your site for new services you may provide or city pages that are relevant to your geographic target area

Step 4:

Google Pay Per Click

Step 4

SEO is a long-term effort, but a pay-per-click advertising campaign yields instant results. It’s hands-down the fastest way to start generating new leads for your fence business, but its success hinges on writing well-focused ads that convert—your prospective clients seeing your ad isn’t enough. They have to have a reason to action.


When working with our team of PPC experts you immediately get proven results because your campaigns already come optimized. Since we have years of experience working with other Fence Companies, we eliminate any guessing from data-driven knowledge of what works.

Step 5:

We Build Your Reviews and Reputation

Step 5

We build your reviews and reputation by actively encouraging your current clients and customers to leave reviews for your company. Lots of positive reviews online can drastically improve the overall status of your fence company. The better your rating online, the more likely a potential customer will choose your fence company over the competition.


To encourage customers to leave reviews, we will build an automated system that reaches out to them and makes the process of submitting reviews easy. They will be able to quickly leave reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website along with sites like Google and Facebook.