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Why Is Having Duplicate Content an Issue for Fence SEO?

why is having duplicate content an issue for seo

Why is having duplicate content an issue for SEO? As a fence business, you’re likely doing everything you can to promote the value of your services and show why clients should work with you for all of their local fence service needs. Unfortunately, one common issue could hold your business back from reaching its full potential, and that problem is duplicate content (either internally or externally).

Below, you can learn why, as a fence business, having duplicate content can prove a serious issue and hurt marketing and SEO efforts. After reading, check out local SEO for fence companies, and contact Fence Marketing Pros for a digital marketing strategy consultation. 

Defining Duplicate Content

Duplicate internal and external content are similar and alarming. Duplicate internal content occurs when your business publishes similar or the same content across multiple places on your website. This could include the same blog twice, for example, and cause confusion about which is the right page you want audiences and search engines to see. 

External duplicate content is when two different websites contain the exact same content, sometimes intentionally by the same business or organization. Someone may steal content from your site and pass it off as their own, or you could take inspiration from someone else and publish content that is far too similar to theirs. Either way, having duplicate content of any kind can spell trouble for how search engines rank your website.

How Does Duplicate Content Occur?

Duplicate content can happen for several different reasons, and some of the most common are:

  • Having multiple city pages for the same fence service (copying the same content)
  • Technical issues on your company’s website
  • Accidentally publishing a duplicate page
  • Reusing old content in an effort to gain a larger reach

If you have internal duplicate content or run multiple websites, it’s much easier to address the issue. You can work on the technical side of your site or make changes to existing content. When you’ve crafted content too similar to someone else’s website, it’s also key to take immediate action. 

Having a good website structure and strategy for creating original content that reflects your niche is helpful to stay away from duplicate content. When your site has the same blog posts or service pages, potential clients can become confused when they search for information on your site. Google and other search engines have a harder time seeing your site’s relevance and ranking your site as a result. 

Why Duplicate Content Negatively Affects Your SEO Efforts

Why is having duplicate content an issue for SEO campaigns?

Duplicate content has a harder time ranking higher in search results since crawl bots have a hard time properly indexing your site. It has to decide between multiple versions of a page, keeping excellent content from ranking as high as it could. Pages could appear for the wrong searches, confusing and potentially frustrating your audience and sending them away from your fence company’s website. 

Additionally, duplicate content can unfavorably impact the user experience. Site viewers want to clearly find the information or services they’re searching for without having to sift through a confusing site layout. If they come across duplicate content, they could have a negative perception of your business, lowering conversation rates, leads, and the potential for loyal, long-term customers. 

The more prospective clients leave your site, the higher your bounce rate is, lowering your site traffic, business credibility, and so much more. It doesn’t  always look professional for your company to have the same content in multiple places or to have an unclear site structure. Therefore, taking action with members of your team or a trusted fence digital marketing company is key to ranking better and reaching a larger audience.

Addressing Duplicate Content on Your Fence Business Site

First, avoid duplicate content by crafting original, unique content that not only reflects the expertise of your business but also draws the audience in and informs them of something new. It’s acceptable to draw inspiration from other websites and competitors, but you must state information or address industry concepts in your own words. It also helps establish your brand voice and style, setting your fence company apart from others.

When you come across repeated content, implement a canonical tag to inform search engines which of the versions you want them to rank. Additionally, if you spot any printer-friendly pages that are the same, quickly convert them to print-style sheets. Other tips include:

  • Using one defined page when internal linking: Linking to multiple similar pages or further adding to unclear site navigation creates a frustrating and enjoyable experience for anyone who checks out your fence business website.
  • Utilizing the parameter handling tool: Google Search Console is a phenomenal way to handle URL concerns and duplicate content stemming from technical problems. This makes the crawling of your website more accurate and works in your business’s favor.
  • Resolving WordPress settings: If your fence company currently uses WordPress, an enabled feature could contribute to your problems with duplicate content. Turn off the comment pagination setting to prevent duplicate content.

Some other key tips include disabling Session IDs within the URLs of your web pages, using only one version of your domain name, and redirecting duplicate pages with 301 redirects. Should you find yourself using another source’s content, always give them the proper credit when publishing. However, producing your best work and reflecting the expertise and authority of your fence company will help your business’s website rank better.

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