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Why SEO Content Audit Matters to Your Fence Company


Quality, relevant, and helpful content is the key to success in the digital marketing landscape. As a fence company, providing a steady stream of such content is one of the surest ways to keep your business in the minds of your prospective customers and streamline their interactions with your brand.

However, content is dynamic. You need to constantly maintain your content assets to ensure that they are still useful to your bottom line. That’s where an SEO content audit comes in. As the top provider of SEO services for fence companies, Fence Marketing Pros sees far too many cases of fence companies missing out on the benefits of an audit. They’ll cover why a content audit matters in this post and how you can conduct yours.

What Is an SEO Content Audit?

An SEO content audit is the proper documentation and evaluation of all your content assets, allowing you to see whether your existing content still supports your current marketing goals.

The audit helps companies see the efficacy of their content strategy at a glance.

Why Should an SEO Content Audit Matter to You as a Fence Company?

You can’t afford to ignore an SEO content audit as a fence company owner for several reasons.

An Opportunity to Refresh Your Content

An SEO content audit allows you to see irrelevant or broken links that need replacing, content that needs new information, and pages that are no longer relevant. Refreshing your content increases your chances of ranking higher on the search engine result pages.

For example, a blog post on the “Best Paint Options for Your Fence” from seven years ago may contain mentions of paint production businesses that have since closed shop while missing out on trending brands.

Update Keywords and Boost SEO

Running an SEO content audit allows you to see the content you can update to include newly discovered high-value keywords. Such keyword updates, done correctly, can help boost the performance of your content on the search engine results pages.

Fix Internal and External SEO Issues

Providing top-quality fence solutions for your clients takes a lot of time. Therefore, it’s easy for mistakes to creep in on the digital marketing side of things.  

It’s not uncommon for businesses to overlook common mistakes like poor-quality content, bad or broken links, duplicate content, and more. An SEO content audit allows you to spot these issues and rectify them.

Improve Conversion Rates

During an SEO content audit, you can examine high-ranking pages on your website to ensure that they have all the key ingredients to drive conversions. For example, you may be missing out on leads on high-ranking pages that have old contact information.

Improve Usability

The visitors to a fence company are no different from the average online user. If your web pages are too busy or have poorly segmented information, you can be certain that you’re losing valuable leads.

Every piece of content on your website should communicate to users that you are an authority in the industry in a clear and concise manner. Your audit will show you what pages and types of content are sorely in need of restructuring to make them more usable for your visitors.

Identify Opportunities for Content Repurposing

Valuable content doesn’t have to be brand-new, fresh ideas. An SEO content audit can show you blog posts, infographics, and other types of media you can repurpose with new facts to provide even more value to your site visitors.

Content repurposing done the right can lower your marketing costs and give your more relevant pages in the search results pages.

Identify Content Gaps

An SEO content audit will show you possible content gaps, arming you with a new list of content ideas to keep your website fresh. SEO content audit tools are adept at comparing your existing content to that of the competition to point out where yours is lacking.

Ensure Uniformity in Voice and Tone

Your company’s voice is its personality. Is it informative and assertive or friendly and playful? Once you’ve settled on a voice, you don’t want to deviate from it. A lack of consistency in voice can make your company look less professional in the eyes of prospects.

An SEO content audit will highlight this disparity in consistency for you to fix.

How Your Fence Company Can Perform a Content Audit

Now you know the importance of an SEO content audit; the next question is how to carry out one for your business.

Gather Your Content 

The first step of the process is to gather all your site content in one place. If wading through your website and manually gathering your content seems like an impossible, time-consuming job, it’s because it is. However, you don’t have to do it manually.

Several SEO tools can crawl your site and gather all your existing in one place. Once you have all the content, you can use a content audit template to organize it.

Analyze the Content

With your content properly organized, you can start your analysis to find what to delete, what to repurpose, keywords to remove, pages to redesign, and more. You can make a note next to each link detailing what you intend to do.

Keep the Audit Up to Date

An SEO content audit is an ongoing process. Be sure to update the audit template or sheet every time you add new content to your website. It will save you time during future audits.

Fence Marketing Pros to the Rescue

Does an SEO content audit sound like too much work for you? Would you rather focus on completing fence projects? Hand over your audit to Fence Marketing Pros. They are the top choice for web design and SEO for fence companies. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation.

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