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Why Your Fence Company’s Instagram Ads Are Not Delivering Results

instagram ads not delivering

Are your local fence company’s Instagram ads not delivering? The popular social media platform Instagram had over two billion monthly users by 2024. 

Instagram remains one of the best platforms for fence companies looking to reach more prospective clients with their advertising. Still, it isn’t the huge audience that automatically translates to successful ads with good results. If your fence company wants to avoid spending money on the platform’s advertising options, you’ll need some help.

In this post, Fence Marketing Pros, a leading fence advertising company with decades of experience, shares the reasons your Instagram ads are not delivering results.

Look at Your Content

Are the words well-placed and helping you build high-quality content on your site?

Inadequate Ad Content

A top reason your Instagram ads are not delivering is subpar content. Are the ad copy compelling and the visuals eye-catching? Does each ad have an overarching message and easily discernible calls-to-action?

Your ad will not deliver your desired results if it doesn’t capture attention and engage people. Creating captivating Instagram ad content hinges heavily on understanding your audience’s preferences and interests. That’s the only way you can successfully create visually appealing videos and images.

Additionally, you should always endeavor to use strong CTAs that will increase post click-through rates.

Poor Advert Placement

If your Instagram ads are not delivering the desirable results, take a step back and look at where the ad is on the page. Instagram allows ads in feeds, Stories, Explore, and more. If you choose the wrong placement location, your ads may never reach your target audience.

For example, it’s hard to justify showing your ads in Stories if you’re a fence company. The demographic using the feed (teenagers and young adults) generally aren’t looking at fence installation companies, at least not for another decade or two. Your ads will be a source of irritation here, so why not try them somewhere else?

Explore ads are a bit better, but only slightly. People scrolling through the Explore feed are generally less likely to even look at an advert unless it’s addressing an urgent need. Feeds ads work better for fence companies because they showcase your product or service in a more detailed manner.

Look at Your Intended Audience

Who does your fencing installation company want to reach on Instagram? 

Poorly Defined Target Audience

One of the most common reasons fence companies fail to achieve results with their Instagram ads is that they don’t aim them at the right people. Who is your ideal fence customer? If you don’t know, it will be challenging to create ads those people will view.

For example, fence companies might want to sell their products and services to growing families with small children and pets. In that case, your ad will struggle to generate pleasing results using Instagram ads tailored to new homeowners or empty nesters. Growing families will appreciate ads crafted around using fencing to ensure safety or securing a play area, but empty nesters will be more likely to think about low-maintenance materials or more privacy. 

Why shoot in the dark with audience segmentation and customer profiling? An effective fence service-related ad solves the right people’s security, privacy, or convenience problems at the right time.

No Offers for the Target Audience

Most Instagram users would rather not watch ads, so why not make something worth their while by including some juicy offers? Most customers love feeling like they got a good deal, so that coupon or discount code embedded in the ad can make the time spent watching it feel bearable.

Still, avoid overdoing these rewards. You have to strike the perfect balance between the number of times you post ads with offers and don’t. If the offers become too much, your audience will just ignore them.

Ignoring Your Instagram Community

One of the main reasons your Instagram ads are not delivering results is that you have not succeeded in creating a relationship with your Instagram community. Many fence companies treat their Instagram page like a nice-to-have diary, and this directly affects ad campaigns.

Someone who could need your services will likely check out your business profile at some stage of their journey. If the page has little to no evidence of community interaction, they will be less likely to patronize your brand. You can build a strong Instagram community by: 

  • Answering questions.
  • Providing fence-related guidance.
  • Encouraging user-generated content, like great reviews. 

Look at Instagram Itself

If it isn’t your content or your intended audience missing the boat, it may be that you don’t fully understand the social media platform itself. What are the unique traits that make Instagram so popular? What might make people ignore your ads on Instagram?

Bad Storytelling

Instagram ads do better when they have a story. You want ads to draw an emotional response from your target audience, which means using the same ad copy for Google Ads and Instagram ads is counterproductive. 

Ditch the flyer containing some marketing speak. Instead, try that Instagram video ad story of a young child who loves playing with their pet in the safety of a lovely vinyl fence.

Failure to Understand the Nuances of Instagram Advertising

Fence companies with some understanding of PPC or Facebook marketing make the mistake of treating Instagram similarly. A large percentage of the billions of users on Instagram have one thing in common: disdain for invasive advertising.

No ads yield results if they are off-putting to those you hope will see them. You can make your fence company’s ads less jarring for Instagram users by doing the following:

  • Avoid stock images.
  • Keep texts minimal.
  • Keep captions short.
  • Be subtle with your branding and placement of logos.
  • Create ads around videos.

Basically, your fence company will want to avoid Instagram ads that scream, “This is an ad.”

Generating Better Results With Your Instagram Ads

Are your Instagram ads not delivering results? Instagram ad success for a fence company hinges heavily on understanding your target audience, creating compelling ad content, and strategic ad placement. 

Do you want to learn how to increase lead generation with your ads and more? Contact Fence Marketing Pros today!

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