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Guide to Writing PPC Ads for Your Fence Company: Best Practices

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Pay-per-click ads allow you to connect with potential customers while saving money on your advertising budget. Writing PPC ads often takes skill and experience. Learn more about the best practices for creating these ads with the team at Fence Marketing Pros.

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Understand the Format of the PPC Ad

Before writing PPC ads, it’s essential to understand how to format this copy. PPC ads contain three headlines, which take up most of the space in the ad. Under the headlines, you’ll place the goal URL or the link customers should want to click.

Finally, the ad contains a description. The description allows companies to provide specific information about their service or products without dwelling on necessary keywords through the ad. Generally, writers must stay within a particular character limit for each ad. 

Digital marketing professionals provide additional information about PPC ad structure. 

Perform Competitive Research for the Ad

The best PPC ads have backing from research. Generally, the professionals recommend researching a company’s competitors before designing an ad. Almost all companies have at least one competitor that wants the same market share. 

It’s essential to recognize what the competition is doing before making an ad. Type in the keywords your company wants to rank for into Google and see what pops up. Please read over the top-ranking ads to see how they’re working to attract customers. 

Reviewing search results to see how competitors have deployed their ads also helps you create distinct ads. It’s crucial to stand out from the competition as part of digital marketing for fence companies. 

Consider Ad Extensions for the Campaign

After writing PPC ads, you may want to include Ad Extensions. These tools help advertisers increase engagement and draw in more qualified clicks. Not all Ad Extensions perform the same tasks, however.

You may set up extensions to:

  • Up-sell different offers 
  • Provide pricing details
  • Display quick-call numbers or other locations 

Try to determine what Ad Extensions you want to use before beginning a PPC ad campaign. Having the information before you allows you to create a more cohesive advertising plan. 

Top Considerations When Writing PPC Ads

According to the Wall Street Journal, once you get down to writing your ads, there are several factors to consider. 

Create Relevant Ads

Providing relevant information encourages consumers to click on your ads. Therefore, you need to pair relevancy to the keywords you offer to attract people interested in buying a new fence. 

Write Killer Headlines

Headlines capture attention for your PPC ads. Top suggestions for writing a great headline include adding numbers and using the search term directly in the headline. Finally, make sure to prioritize your headlines to show off the essential part of the ad. 

Engage a Visitor’s Emotions

Triggering an emotional response makes it more likely that customers will click an ad and continue to your landing pages. You may want to focus on the fear of missing out (FOMO) or appealing to a visitor’s ego. Finally, make sure your ad only features offers that you’ll support. 

Show Your Credibility

People want to work with a fencing company with experience and training handling the installation process. In addition, you may wish to promise satisfaction on the completion of the fencing project or show off any good ratings earned by your company on past jobs. 

Include a Catchphrase

Does your fencing company have a catchphrase? If so, include it along with the display URL to boost your branding and catch the attention of potential customers. 

Demonstrate Benefits for Clients

You understand the benefits of installing a new fence or upgrading an existing wood or metal fence. Focus on writing copy that explains how you’ll solve a customer’s problems and work to make your company stand out by differentiating your services from those offered by other companies. 

Repeat Your Point

When writing PPC ads, keep in mind that customers respond well to repetition. Don’t be afraid to repeat keywords or offers to attract people to your fencing business. Repeating things also makes people more likely to believe a claim is valid. 

Format Your Ads Property

Concise PPC ads generally perform better than their verbose counterparts. You may also want to focus on your writing style when handling ads. Try to:

  • Keep ads in active voice
  • Avoid using vague nouns or noun strings
  • Change nouns into verbs if possible
  • Focus on simple verbs over verb phrases 
  • Use simple words instead of complex ones 
  • Do not include expletives (There is, there are)
  • Get rid of prepositional phrases if possible 

Taking these steps helps your ads stand out from the crowd. You also want to use title cases, making ads more readable, especially mobile devices. Finally, use proper punctuation throughout the ad if you’re going to continue improving PPC performance.

Include Questions

Including questions provides a great way to encourage engagement with your ads. For example, you might ask if an individual has noticed problems with their old fence before offering a solution to the problem they face. 

Telling someone how your company can improve their property may help lead to conversions. 

Find Out More About Writing PPC Ads Today

Writing PPC ads can help attract customers to your fencing business or improve the quality score of your website. Getting professional help increases the odds of your ad standing out from the crowd. 

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